By on March 8th, 2018

The Capita Black Snowboard of Death knows two speeds: Dicks Out For Harambe and Butt Puckering Fast.  If you try and ride it slower than this, you’re gonna have a bad time. If you want to pass skiers like they’re standing still and look good doing it, then the Black Snowboard Of Death is your dream sled.

Size: 156cm
Bindings: Union Travis Rice
Shape: Nose rocker with camber foot to foot.
Stance: 15/-15 and 23″ wide.
Rider Size: 6?’ 180lbs
Conditions:  Ice, Sierra Cement Powder, Hard Pack, Waist Deep Powder

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  • Outrun Ski Patrol
  • High Speed Skier Spraying
  • Floats powder with ease
  • Land sidehits and cliffs like Corey Smith


  • Knows no chill
  • Overshoots sidehit landings
  • Waiting for your bro’s to catch up at the bottom
  • High Speed Jibbing only.

Handling:  This board likes to go fast and is super stable yet agile at speed.  Damn thing turns on a dime and locks right in when even when sending side hits or cliffs to flat.  Even when I have to compress all the way down the board grips and rips off of the landing so long as you keep the base to the snow.

Power: The Black Snowboard of Death is a stiff deck. If you’re not a strong rider or maybe even your first day on this board, it will ride you.  However if you can bend it, it will build speed out of every single turn like nothing you’ve ever ridden.  Side hit jumps will have you sending it deeper than you expect and with less work than you thought possible.

Flex: While the board is a little bit softer in the nose due to the reverse camber, you likely won’t notice it if you mount the bindings off the reference points. The BSOD isn’t meant to butter and jib, but it is possible so long as it’s done with authority.  The soft nose flex makes it great at busting crud and easy transitions up wind swept side hits.

Overall: The Black Snowboard of Death rips as an all mountain sender.  It may not handle moguls and all mountain jibbing very well, but if you’re going out to ride fast and send big cliffs this board will handle them with ease.  I can’t say enough good things about the carving and side hit jumping capabilities of this deck.  There is a reason it’s so highly saught after.

Capita Capita The Black Snowboard Of Death Snowboard
Capita The Black Snowboard Of Death Snowboard
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