A normal person would never be able to film a Real Snow part. Their knees would crumple at the thought of it. But with, this, Dan Brisse’s sixth entry into the annual X Games video stunt show, we can confidently say Brisse is not a normal person. He’s focused, determined and all the other adjectives it takes to win this thing, so here are his thoughts on how it all came to be for this years’ part.

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What shot/trick are you most stoked on?

I’m equally stoked on the last three shots in my part. They are all new for me this year.

What shot/trick was the biggest challenge?

The one footed miller flip. It took 4 days and 152 tries…

Where did you film your part?

Anchorage AK, Fairbanks AK, Erie PA, and Minneapolis MN.

How long did it take?

We started December 1st, but I ended up getting hurt mid December with a strained LCL, so I had to take two weeks off. We filmed through January to finish the part.

How did this year go compared to the past?

This was my 6th year doing Real Snow, and I feel like it was by far the most challenging due to chasing snow, finding spots, and dealing with my LCL strain… or maybe I’m just getting soft, haha, I’m not sure. We flew up to Anchorage, got our first shot for the part, and then the forecasted snow quickly turned to pouring rain. From there we drove up to Fairbanks being we’d already come so far (from MN). While in Fairbanks we got 2 shots and then my knee was too injured to ride. After Christmas we flew to Minnesota, and then drove to Erie PA due to the seven foot storm. We were set up pretty good in Erie for a couple weeks and then temps swung hot, pouring rain came in with 60 degree temps and high wind, and literally ALL seven feet vanished in 48 hours. From there we went on a little goose chase to Rochester NY with a back up plan of heading up to Quebec, but when we got the word that Minneapolis was getting a foot, we turned around, made a mellow 17 hour drive home and finished the part there.

Any surprises or good stories to tell?

We had a really rad spot set up in Fairbanks on the roof of a school. It was a double line that we set up one late night with 7 of us shoveling for 4-5 hours. We set it up Thursday, took Friday off, and came back Saturday night for the final prep to film Sunday day. When we arrived late Saturday night for our final prep, we found EVERY spec of snow we had shoveled the other night, removed from the roof… not just thrown to the side, but hauled away, it had completely vanished. It was pretty crazy to think about how much work those janitors had to do in order to clean it up, I was actually really impressed, sorta stunned. We left feeling super bummed, but it probably ended up being a blessing in disguise due to my strained knee, and it turned out my doctor was happy I didn’t ride a high impact spot when I returned home… We called it quits in Fairbanks after that spot, the crews energy was squashed.

One other one if you want to choose the better one or one that fits your article better:

This was a rookie mistake on my end, made out of desperation for footage…. We were in Erie PA, it was a night spot, as there was no chance of getting this spot done during the week, let alone on the weekend during the day. We decided to set our alarms so the crew could get some rest for our all-nighter, but we somehow all missed our alarms, or they didn’t go off. So at 11:30pm I suddenly woke up, and we hustled, threw on our gear and pinned it to the spot a little over an hour away. We arrived at almost 1 a.m. and went to work shoveling. We shoveled our asses off and set the spot up as fast as we could, but everything takes twice as long as expected… So, there we are still setting up the spot at 4 am, and it’s a weeknight. We know the janitors are only an hour and a half to two hours out from arrival. We throw on the lights, and I start to work my way into the spot/trick… I’m nervous as hell to commit to this spot, wondering as I’m strapping in why we tried to set it up with the time crunch. I got to hit the spot probably 4-5 times and really started to feel it, and actually thought we might luckily get it before we got caught, and then shit hit the fan… The janitor showed up coming into work, and got directly in Mikael’s face (Mikael is from Europe so the janitor was even more confused by his accent) screaming at the top of his lungs… “WHO ARE YOU!” “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!” I got over to the pissed of janitor, told him exactly what we were doing, who we were, and he then screamed at me for a while. Finally, the super intendant showed up… I’m not sure why, but when this lady started to yell at me, I started to fire a little heat back at her, I think she reminded me of belittling teachers from my past. She yelled that they were pressing charges and we were all going home with tickets. Then the cops showed up to mediate this “problem.” We got the SICKEST cops ever. They rolled up, SUPER hyped… so stoked on what we were doing, and really wanted to see us hit it. The cop said, “Dude, you fu$*ed up… you shoulda been here wayyyy earlier, come back tomorrow.” They were fully down with us, and started googling past video parts as we shoveled to clean the spot up that night. We took the cops advice, and came back a couple nights later and got the shot.

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