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Washington state’s influence on snowboarding is stronger than ever. The humility, respectfulness and willingness to get wet (very wet) has continued to prove the Northwestern corner of America breeds snowboard talent. Matt Wainhouse is riding those concrete cascade waves hard all winter with the help of sponsors such as CAPiTA and 686, as well as a summer gig laying real concrete. Above, you’ll find his latest winter scrapbook. If you want more, check out the past few years on the other side of these links. If you just wanna know his current feelings about hot topics effecting his daily life, and see some sweet photos, scroll down!

matt wainhouse

Photos courtesy Waino. Right image: Eric Hoffman

Pillow lines

Love: Destroying them

Hate: White rooming yourself in the middle of them

Riding Backcountry

Love: Escaping from the crowds, riding an untouched line, earning those airs and having a real sense of being in the mountains

Hate: Random people following you in the lift access backcountry, avalanches

Below: Self-caused avy action. Photo: Brad Andrew

Matt Wainhouse

Being Blonde

Love: Chicks dig it

Hate: Blonde eyebrows sometimes don’t show in flash photos and it’s creepy like Skeletor

The Northwest

Love: The green, the moss, jagged mountains, cliff drops, sweet hikes, alpine lakes, humidity, The Columbia River, seeing my friends slay the fish

Hate: Traffic, people moving here

Powderboard Shapes

Love: When someone hits a kicker on a shaped board. Looks so sick! Extra points for landing or taking off switch

Hate: Not enough landing gear

Below: Matt parents never told him not to play around power lines. Photo: Brad Schaefer

Matt Wainhouse

Powder Surfboards

Love: It’s a very calming feeling when powder surfing. Small features seem big. Hiking with one is so damn easy. Stand up and go, no strapping-in required. Shark snowsurf for life! (That’s an ad) lol

Hate: You need the right snowpack for it to work well


Love: Possessing hundreds of horsepower at the will of your thumb, climbing up mountains with ease, counter-steering in pow, and the smell of gasoline

Hate: Showing up to the spot and something isn’t working, getting stuck

Road Gaps

Love: The feeling of being so high off the ground yet knowing your going to catch a good transition

Hate: The thought of potentially hooking your edge off the kicker and falling to your death

Going Upsidedown

Love: Being able to spot your landing well, trying new ways of going upsidedown

Hate: Not being able to figure out those new ways of going upsidedown. I’m stuck with only a couple!

Below: After miracle March… Justin Kious Photo

Laying Concrete

Love: The honest hardwork keeps you physically and mentally tough. It pays well and allowed me to take winter off to shred hard. Also working on skyscrapers has helped me be more comfortable with heights and sketchy situations.

Hate: It’s demoralizing, extremely dirty, your back might be really sore each day and lots of egos

Having a travel budget

Love: The fact that it was earned. Certain companies realizing that I do have influence on the products that are being purchased at my home mountain and region. The little bit of more freedom it allows me to have in the winter

Hate: Not being able to see the exact numbers of how it’s actually benefiting these companies. Not much I hate about getting paid to ride though!

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