There’s this guy Murphy. Maybe you’ve heard of him? He made a law that says whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. If we’re being honest, he sounded like a real dick.

But he wasn’t wrong, So of course, after two epic seasons, our buds in Lake Tahoe said, yo, let’s get snowmobiles and make a powder video this year! It’ll be great, they said. Way safer and easier than filming street, they said. And then it didn’t snow in California

So they went to Washington, where it was supposed to be dumping. The people were amazing, but it turns out when it’s “always snowing” somewhere, you need way more snow for it to be actual powder.

They went home hearts full, but harddrives empty. A month or two later, they sent us this message.

Early season shredding on the dry west coast. With avy gear, snowmobiles, split boards and Verts ready to go, I guess we will just hit some street spots and park, patiently awaiting Winter.


Madison Blackley
Melissa Riitano
Fancy Rutherford
Savannah Golden
Yui Sotoma-Koyama
Christine Savage
Summer Fenton
Taylor Elliott

Edit and filming by Kieth Rutherford

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