Another week (or two) has flown by and the season is finally happening now! Mt. Hood is firing on all cylinders and if you like riding light fluffy powder, we’ve got it! So does Bear Mountain, Tahoe, Washington, Idaho, Utah and probably even Colorado (which stay tuned because Chad Otterstrom was nice enough to write a rebuttal to this Yo-classic and we’re going to be posting it soon.) Speaking of Chad, he has requested an extention on judging the Academy Recruiting Agency Sponsor Me Bro! Contest and since he’s in charge, we said, whatever!

ICMYI: MTV wisely opted against naming it’s Olympic-year-hype snowboard show “Shredders” and instead went with Winter Break: Hunter Mountain, and you know that shit is dope. But don’t take our word for it, read the exclusive Bobbie Boardin’ JBrew interview here! 

It snowed in Los Angeles (yes that really happened) so you can expect some bullshit weather in other places too, such as the whole East Coast. The big thaw (not to be confused with the big dig) wiped out Wachusett Parks just in time for the third Yobeat night, but never fear, things are back up and running and your next chance to come ride with discounted tickets and free Polar Seltzer is coming up on the 8th. It should be the biggest and best session yet!

However, before that, we hope to see you March 3rd and 4rd at Killington for the 5th annual Slash and Berm! Our team is being assembled as we speak for the industry race and if Jerry Tucker’s phone number and our 100% victory record in banked slaloms this year are any indication, the rest of you fools are going down!

As for the rest of the world, we don’t live there, so here’s a smattering of edits we think pretty much sum things up.


Magnus Karl Tryggvason, Kasper Brattested, Sondre Dørum, Petter Engvall.
+ Friends
Haakon Eilertsen, Didric Aardal Lothe and Tobias Himmelstrup.

Thanks to Hemsedal Railgarden and The Drop

Film / Edit : Amin Olve Klungseth Ullah

Song: Comethazine – Fuck Me In My Jag

beep 911

by Court Métrage

Low light, late night boogy on hill with the boys linden cool, Jake Devries, Miles Wood, Tye Kowalski, Trevor Russel and Jake Visser.

Dark Days

So Far, So Good

Brighton Resort in the daytime of the night. Featuring Mike Cappi, Jordan Wiebe, Mitch Millerberg, TJ Homan, Ben Gilmore, Nick Vogel and Austin Woods.

Vanilla Skies

Moritz Kläger, Lukas Beyer, Kai Dangel, Klaus Eder, Julian Kossmann


The Farm Boys

Filmed and Edited by Josh Cochran

With the weather here in Southeastern Indiana being 70 degrees (better for skating than snowboarding), and Perfect North being closed, I finished up our clips from the midseason, aka prime time. With more snow comes more features, and our main park really opens up, with lots of creative features from Andy Hall and Jamie Wittich, the amazing maniacs behind our parks. With more rails and jumps than you ever imagined in Indiana, enjoy. Thanks to all those that help to make this happen.
Featuring: Kyle Sharpshair, Jason Loxterkamp, Geoff Cochran, Drew Nieman, Joe Gillcrist, Tyler Gilmour, and Aaron Tufts.
Guest Riding appearances by Logan Pihl, Ryan Walters, and Max Withrow.
Supporting Actors: The ‘world’s best boss’ Andy Hall, and Ol’ Dirty Dave Jenkins.songs: It’s Good To Be Here – Digable Planets
Kiss Me Thru Tha Phone – Soulja Boy
*I do not own these songs, all rights to the artists and respective publishing companies*