By on March 1st, 2018

Board: 2018 Arbor Helix 110
Bindings: Burton Grom Bindings
Tech Specs —
Effective Edge: 78.5
Waist Width: 21.75
Setback: 0
Shape: True Twin
Stance: Slightly duck
Rider: 3’11” tall, 56 pounds
Test Conditions: Fresh corduroy. Groomers, Terrain Parks. Boreal Mountain, Donner Summit, CA.



  • 1st graders hate the cold & wind
  • Carter should probably be on a 105 not 110
  • They’ll ride it till they scorpion and cry

Carter has been riding the Arbor Helix 110 since early December. He loves this freaking board. It’s definitely his favorite top sheet graphic of the season. Half tiger, half scorpion, with some sorta crazy tie dye pattern behind it. You basically will trip balls on this top sheet even without the acid, but how the board looks is only about 90% of the reason you should buy a board, right?


It’s how the damn thing turns and burns that matters. And the Arbor Helix crushes it out the gates because Arbor uses the same technology and handbuilt quality found in the Arbor adult line. Arbor’s System Rocker profile is super forgiving and the design provides a surfy ride with a natural float and cleaner tracking. The Helix has a flex rating of soft, yet, can lay down the meanest and most aggressive of carves ever bore witness on fresh corduroy by groms. The poplar core keeps this board light as shit, so your grom can carry his own damn board, which can free your time to carry beers, vape at your own pleasure, or yell at him more for not looking both ways in the Boreal parking lot.

The extruded base is dense and long-lasting so young groms can beat the shit out of it with reckless abandon and the base graphic of “Arbor” in gangster Old English will be unphased by it all. Your 7 year old will love it. Blast some NWA and tell him about OG Venice shredders like Jesse Martinez. The sidewalls are fully wrapped, mimicking what you’d see on dad’s board and definitely increasing board life and durability. This is a snowboard that’s designed to have the shit beaten out of it by 6-8 year olds and get back on the chair and do it again.

The Verdict:

Carter has ridden this board at night, on steeps, on crust, dust, packed powder and tons of fresh corduroy. He is super stoked on it and no mini jump or box is safe from his path of shred destruction. He scorpioned on this board for the first time approaching a jump, got right back up, demanded some blue Powerade and got right back at it. Thanks, Arbor. Radical groms ride radical boards and the Arbor Helix delivers the goods.

Going to Boreal? Buy the Arbor Helix in person at Arbor Boardhouse Tahoe, 11486 Donner Pass Road, Truckee. Can’t get there, buy it online.