By on February 27th, 2018

Much like the US Presidential Election cycle, the snowboard industry gets a major shakeup every four years.  Just when we get bored with (read: completely give up hope) on the world at large, our cold little world gets that much-needed burst of energy in the form of the Winter Olympics. Complain all you want about corporate sponsors and the the loss of soul, but shit, it is fun to watch and exciting to see our friends and heroes take the world stage. And luckily, for us Americans, these two totally unrelated worlds are offset by two years, otherwise our heads might just explode.

Because behind the scenes, the corporate media machine gears up too. For a month, snowboarding actually matters to society and accordingly, you get a shit ton of peripheral content to enjoy. Yes, you read that above title right, even MTV has gotten in on the action! On Tuesday, February 27, 2018, snowboarding is returning the households of all us lucky Americans. Check the official teaser (just wait til the shitty ad ends and fullscreen that shit):

Surely, we’ll be tuning in, and we recommend you do too. And in order to arm you with a few pertinent insider details, we shot a text to our boy JBrew (who looks uncannily like Bobbie Boardin’) to get the straight dirt on how the hell this all came to be!

How did you come to be part of Winter Break: Hunter Mountain? Can you describe the process for getting cast?

Oh boy, a couple of my buddies from Plymouth had posted a link on FB about this new snowboard show. Seemed pretty tight so I filled out the questions. Got a call a couple weeks later to do an interview. The process, well it’s been a long ride, I can tell you that much!

Did you expect the breakdown of characters that were cast alongside you, or were you surprised to be the only “core” snowboarder in the crew?

Yoooo, no not at all! I knew some of my other whackjob friends were being casted such as The Gravedigger and Lazz so I kinda assumed I’d be in a house with a bunch of other homies Nnnyeah not so much haha! After meeting the rest of the cast for the first time I was def thrown off, like way off. But you gotta expect the unexpected right? At that point I just knew I had to bring the static! Had to rip the Velcro apaht a little bit ya know? TJ can def hold it down on the hill

Rumor has it some real pro snowboarders showed up. How did this effect the dynamic in the house?

Going to the hill with the cast is fun and all but I needed a breath of fresh air so I had my good buddies Brandon Reis and Johnny O’Connor come visit, and they helped to ramp things up a bit!

Did you guys actually ride much or was it just one big party?

We rode a pretty fair amount I’d say. Well, TJ and I did. We sent it the entire time and it was a straight bender! Let me tell you, those dudes can drink! Marc could funnel a 12 pack of diesels at once

How did you stay sane in a house full of crazy people?

You ever use a weed whacker with no string? Welcome to our house

I can’t help but imagine the “mad real world” episode of the Chapelle Show. Was it like that?

Haha yeah, little less gangster. More like an alcoholic Brady Bunch.

Were your female castmates impressed by your snowboard skills, or did they even care?

Taylar held it down pretty hard! She was definitely hyped on the boarding. As for the other girls, not so much haha