One season, not so long ago, we moved Yobeat’s HQ to the foothills of Bogus Basin. While there, we discovered a lot about ourselves, about bushwacking, insane scenery, and how people exist in a place where weed is still illegal. We discovered that Boise is definitely NOT the new Portland, but it is a pretty alright place in the middle of nature’s magesty, and great if you wanna own guns! Lots of guns! 

However, in the above edit, none of that real world BS matters, because what you’re watching is 100% about riding snowboards with your homies, who happen to be some of the best snowboarders in the West.

Riders in order of appearance: Mike Rav, Loren Exon, Ted Borland, Chris Grenier, Chris Beresford, Ryan Paul, Oliver Dixon, Boody, Mike Skiba, Peter Limberg, Tony Wagner, Sean Genovese, Corey McDonald, Blake Geis, Parker Duke, Kevin Hanson, Louie Arrigoni, Justus Hines, River Richer, Ian Keay, Matt Robinson, Bob Abrams, Drayden Gardner, Justin Keniston, Finn Westbury, Dusty Miller, Tucker Andrews, Matteo Soltane, Brandon Reis & Phil Hanson.

Edited By: Derek Weimer

Filmed By : Derek Weimer, Garrett Read, Scott Stevens, Brendon Hupp, Sean Genovese, AJ Ogden & Sean Lucey

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