The Magic Carpet is in a world of its own. The twin tips are shaped like table spoons or the hull of a boat. If you are familiar with Bataleon you know the 3BT shape. If not, I highly suggest looking into it. It takes getting used to, but in the end it might be exactly what you are looking for. The 2018 Magic Carpet is the most extreme of 3BT Bataleon currently offers in the line. — LEG

Board: 2018 Bataleon Magic Carpet 151
Bindings: Union Contact

Tech specs:
Contact length: 105cm
Waist Width: 258mm
Setback: 0
Shape: True Twin Powder
Stance: Centered 15/-13
Rider: LEG 5’6” 125lbs

Test Conditions: 4”+ fresh pow. Groomers. Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood, Oregon.


  • Twin tip pow slayer
  • Unique shape + 3BT
  • Lightweight


  • Shaped like a kayak
  • Rides like a kayak
  • Stable like… standing up in a kayak

Turning and Burning:

Upon first strapping into the Magic Carpet, you will notice how unstable it feels standing straight up. This is due to the (VERY) skinny 3” channel of a flat zone the board has to rest on running down the middle. Both edges are lifted beyond the flat zone along with the tip and tail raised (IN an acronym this is 3BT.)

On groomers I found it  to be a challenge to secure an edge or overall turn the way I’m accustomed to on a normal deck. After a few runs on the groomers, I adjusted, but still felt unstable and loose. After a runs attempting to carve groomers, I darted into the trees.

THIS is where the Bataleon Magic Carpet is at home 100%.

It took me about 10 seconds to level up my tree riding skill by +3 with the snow kayak. Turns are tight and right. You just think about what you want to do and the board does the rest. It’s quick, sharp, responsive and most importantly, FUN. Tight tree zone riders in the Northeast will be especially happy. As long as they avoid the ice…


This deck is meant to be ridden a little smaller than your average powder deck. I opted for the 151, but wish I went one size up with the 154 You dudes with giant feet will be hyped with a larger waist width and centered stance.

The Magic Carpet provides lots of options for lots of feet!

One thing that I personally liked is how stiff it is (6 on Bataleon’s scale.) At first I didn’t think it was a good fit, but once you start mashing away you will be glad to have that extra support.

Tricks? Getting rad?

Boxes, rails and large jumps are not stong points with the Magic Carpet. You may think this would be a fun jibber, but not so much. Due to the skinny flat zone and extreme shape it proves to be pretty unstable. This also proved to be the case with trying to load up and pop ollies on groomed park features.

What about side hits? Or side pow?

Go for it! The great thing about this shape is how well you can navigate all the diecy uneven terrain wind blown crud that lies on the sides of any groomer. If you have self control and stick to the trails disregard this section.

Charging speed hounds? Look elsewhere.


This is a great 2nd deck for the quiver (after your daily driver) but if I had only one deck to buy and ride each season, I would look at other options.  If you do get a chance to look at this snowboard in person do so. Better yet, find a Bataleon rep and test drive it for yourself.

Do it.