Trollhaugen to host invitational “LORD OF THE ROPES” contest Feb 23rd

For immediate celebration,

Minneapolis, MN- February 13th, 2018 – On Friday night Feburary 23rd , a significant portion of Midwestern snowboarding’s royalty- encompassing past, present, and future generations- will face off in an event like no other. They will amass under the nighttime lights at the legendary Trollhaugen Resort, just 50 minutes north of the Twin Cities. Those chosen will display their shred superiority honed on the ropes of the Midwest in a head-to-head battle of skill, style, and consistency. They will be judged by their fellow riders in a contest format comprised of a line of features. Only one shall prevail as “Lord of the Ropes” with a handsome purse of 2,000 dollars.

Thirty-two riders have been hand-selected from a vast group of worthy riders. Contestants include a Transworld Snowboarding Rookie-of-the-Year, a Vans Series champion, a Stairmasters champion, a Downtown Throwdown Champ, local heroes, and a man nicknamed “Danimals”.

To ensure proper celebration and integrity, “Lord of the Ropes” pairs two strong courts of honor- The Interior Plain Project Snowboards and Fulton Beer- to make certain that order and honor are held in the highest regard. Visitors and spectators are encouraged to come out to watch the battles, share in the victories, and participate in the spoils of Skolhaugen’s lounge where they can view the entire event from the bar, patio, or seat. Live music and a plethora of Fulton’s finest brews will follow the outdoor festivities.

With the utmost respect,

The High Court of The Interior Plain Project