Photo: @p.etri

The Finns are precise folks of few words. They let their actions do the talking, we assume because it is too cold to move their mouths most of the time. But thanks to this naturally stoic nature and plethora of frozen water, they are quite often excellent at riding snowboards. Joona Saikkonen is a member of the Labyrinth Crew, and was featured in their latest effort Global Warning, which is where you may have already seen the footage which makes up the part above. So if you have, you can just scroll down to learn more about the young Finn’s likes and dislikes.

A long-ass 50. Photo: Jani 

Deep fryer

Love: Almost everything about it
Hate: The fact that I die if I eat fried food everyday


Love: How they look
Hate: That they feel so uncomfortable I can’t use them


Love: The amount of spots, usually decent amount of snow, you don’t get a fine or end up in jail from hitting a spot
Hate: It’s too cold in January and the resorts are like ice rinks most of the time

Antler hats and one-foot tailblocks. Photo: @ponchikz


Love: How they get better with time
Hate: How they aren’t called teethbrush


Love: It increases the capital to snowboard
Hate: It reduces the time to snowboard

Ice cream

Love: Eating one liter of it
Hate: Throwing up after eating one liter of it

In Finland, Joona is a common name and doing 50-50 ollie over is pretty normal too. photo: @joonaspih

Filming snowboarding

Love: That I have more than two or three tries to land my trick
Hate: When the battery dies just when you’re about to land your trick

Veikka as a filmer

Love: He rarely blows the shot
Hate: He complains all the time when he’s filming (at least when you’ve landed already and try to get it better haha)

Getting global recognition

Love: That all the kids come to ask my signature
Hate: Jk not really

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Below: Another shot from the @P.etri dish.