Stinky Socks is basically running the snowboard scene in Bulgaria these days. (Yes, there is a snowboard scene in Bulgaria, jerks.) This season, they’re hard at work on their first full movie and brought out a bunch of the Stinky Family for a damn good time. Here’s the official memo from Risto:

We just spent two weeks with pretty much everyone from our team here in Bulgaria filming for the first Stinky Socks Movie and it was epic. I can’t wait to share the teaser with you coming this May.

We just finished the edit of the demo that we did at the local resort Borovets resort on January 27th. It was a good time with almost 30 of our guys hanging the whole weekend and snowboarding with the locals.

We had Andrew Brewer, Erik Leon, Nick Dirks, Austin YoungJeffyGabrick, The GBP crew, The Strange Brew guys and ton of other people, too!

After watching the edit, we’re now even more sure we blew it by not springing for the ticket to go ourselves. However, we still have a few pairs of Stinky X Yobeat Snowboard Socks for sale in the store, which we are pretty sure owning is almost as good as a trip to Bulgaria.