Sometimes it’s hard to choose, which is why we do the People’s Court. It’s a perfect way to let other people do the choosing for us, and that is how Andrew Tassell, a 23-year-old multi media kid from Ohio, came to receive this week’s Hump Day. If you missed the voting, never fear, another episode will happen soon and if you send your video, perhaps you’ll win, too! But in the meantime, let’s talk about not choosing.

Andrew is into a lot of things – editing, music, occult art and more. He lives in Salt Lake and goes to school, but works in Park City slanging trays. He had a coach, but now (unprofessionally) coaches others, and it’s all working together for him under the dream of being a pro snowboarder. Will the dark lord grant his wish and continue his journey on a path to snowboard super stardom, or will he one day find bandmates and travel the world playing surf rock? For that, only time will choose and we invite you to continue reading. — Brooke Geery

Photos courtesy Tassellhoff. Left: Timonthy Woodruff

Brooke: So, tell me, how does it feel to be the People’s Court champion? Is it everything you’ve ever dreamed of?

Andrew: I must say I feel as though I am on a parrot’s wings flying through the stratosphere… it’s quite fantastic.

Brooke: Wow what a description! haha. So as an Ohio native, who do you feel is a better representation of the buckeye state, Louie Vito or Jesse Csinsak?

A: Non-profits are tight, but Louie’s Dad runs a local radio station so I can’t argue against some radio marketing (tap dances off)

B: For real tho, what’s something great about Ohio most people don’t know? Something you actually miss about living there (other than your family, cause duh)

A: State fairs were like the biggest thing to do in the summer there, super sketchy carnival rides, gut busting food, and farmer art. Makes you miss the old town vibes.

B: What’s your go-to carnival snack?

A: ”Elephant Ears” Big’ol flat funnel cake thing covered in cinnamon sugar

B: Solid choice. Another serious question, and this one has a photo.

Mr and Mrs Tassell

A: Oh dear.

Brooke: Could your parents be any cuter?

A: Man, I’m like the mutant black sheep of a couple of angelic doves. (eyes roll back)

B: How do they feel about your fascination with the dark lord?

A: Occult vibes in art are one of the strangest things to me. It has a very vivid way of expressing the theme of the topic represented.

B: I have no idea what that means. Can you explain it in a way someone in their mid-to-late 30s who still listens to Blink 182 can understand?

A: If you were to make art about Trump, it would way sicker to represent him as Satan, than a typical bourgeois. haha

B: Now I get it! Thanks.

photo: Alden Dow

Because shirts are for people who give a fuck. Photo: Alden Dow

A: Is it bad to use Trump as an example?

B: No I like it. Someone anyone can picture. I like to picture him as a Cheeto. One of the puffy ones. But maybe we should talk about snowboarding. What was the biggest adjustment for you moving from Ohio to Utah? Anything you didn’t expect?

A: Oh man, I rolled into Park City thinking a big jump was like 40ft. I was wrong. The riding level and strength of the snowboard community around Utah was obscene to me at first

B: Explain.

A: I jumped into riding at Park City from Ohio to snowboard with a freestyle developmental team. Ended up riding with people like Dave Reynolds, and SLC kids like Taxwood, and Bilodeau. Coming from a town with one pro, it was crazy seeing kids that good that young

B: Ahh so that’s what you meant by “snowboard team” when we were talking earlier… I wasn’t sure if thats’s just what the kids are calling crews now. What’s your opinion on coaching? Are you glad you came up with one?

A: Coaching is crazy, I feel like there’s definitely a part of developing your personal style and making your snowboarding your own that could be stunted in the process for some. Having solid fundamentals in the park is so key once you start building your own spots/jumps and such though. That being said, there are some sick coaches out there, Nick Poplawski, and Jacob Levine, who are all about getting people hyped on their own riding.

Seriously. To hell with shirts! p. Alden Dow

B: On that note, what’s your answer to the question “Why do snowboarders build jumps in the streets?” Skateboarders don’t need em…

A: That’s simple! Skateboarding is way more hardcore.

The future is minimal setups. Start making speed lines out of nothin. Snowboarders need to learn to ollie.

B: Tell me about Alday? Do you guys function as a crew all season or is everyone kinda on their own program and then Alden just puts everything together?

A: Alden and I are definitely the two coach monkeys of the crew. We get the footage together and get overly opinionated about each others editing. Alden does have his own softgoods over there, too. [Ryan] Flaska has been Homie since day 1, he spent last winter filming with Tanner Hall’s crew and let me kidnap his hard drive. haha. And Sam is just a straight vagabond over there, he shows up and disappears haha. Everyone else are the local homies that just feel like getting after it.

p. kettler thomas

Airin’ over the river styx. Photo: Alden Dow

B: Is living in a place with such a heavy snowboard scene motivational to you? Or do you dream of moving further out into the wilderness some day?

A: I’m a full-fledged city kid. If I’m to old to eat cement riding, then I’ll film and edit.
Salt Lake has this sickest scene too, with the Cottonwoods access to backcountry. Then bam, once you’re done hittin’ some booter, you can drive straight down to the thrift store and get a trendy outfit for whatever weird sub genre of music you’re into.

B: Tell me about your weird music sub genre fetishism.

A: Psychedelic, garage, Doom, and some good’ol soul are all fetishes of mine haha

B: Do you make your own music?

A: Yeah! Been making what I thought was surf rock as “Tassellhoff” up in my garage for a bit! Playing up at Cabin PC on Mondays. Playing all the instruments at the moment, any vagabond musicians out there?

B: Surf rock huh? Do you even surf, brah?

A: Man I wish. I hate sand. I thought a double snare would make it count, but dang it’s something else.

B: DUDE I am with you on the sand thing. That shit is THE WORST.

A: Why’s it gotta get everywhere like that!

Out in the wild. Photo: Jayden Adam

B: What’s your ultimate goal with snowboarding?

A: Ultimate goal; Snowboard in new creative ways every day.

B: lol. yes it is. But it leads me to another deep question. Has everything been done on a snowboard already? Has progression gone too far or will there always be room for more? I mean, when you hit a spot that’s been hit 1000 times by 1000 people, how do you come up with something new and different?

A: Have you seen Cole Navin’s part?

B: Nah, I only watch videos in the People’s Court. lol

A: The funnest part about snowboarding is just tryinggggg to make a spot work. As long as weather keeps doing its thing, and architects keep making cool stuff, people will keep find crazy ways to snowboard on them.

B: That’s a great answer.

Captured by Daly, created by Dow. 

B: Anything else you wanna say to the Yobeat public, thanks to the people who made this all possible?

A: (tears up)
Max Snowboard shop for suuuure,
Nate Love over at Ride Snowboards
Alden at Alday putting up with me.
And everyone who’s ever touched a shovel during my missions.

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