Yonew: Feburary 6, 2018

Another week (and a half) has flown by in the 2017/18 snowboard season and many things have happened. You may have missed most of them, because who the hell can keep track anymore, but we’re gonna try and recap a few that seemed relevant to us! We’ll start with the bad news. Freeskier has officially pulled the plug on its Snowboard Magazine* (sadface), but we’ve stepped in to at fill the void and at least keep Academy Recruiting Agency’s Sponsor Me Bro contest afloat!

January is a big month for the Industry. Outdoor Retailer happened in Denver and the vibes were good. We received several reports stating that having all the snowboard brands shoved together one little corner really made the community feel tight knit.  Instead of the “over it” talk starting on day one, it took until at least day 3 to begin. However, we did not attend, we do not feel like we missed out, and please take into consideration our unnamed sources before quoting the previous sentence in mixed company. Just read this instead. 

Never a bad time to relive this memory… Luv u Stanley.

The X Games happened. And now the troops are headed to PyeongChang, Korea for the really big Olympic show. Will NBC’s plan to make Shaun White the only story be a success? Will Jamie Anderson’s long list of sponsor obligations drag her down? Will Japan win everything? Will anyone even remember in a year? We don’t know, because we’re way too excited for the premiere of MTV’s Winter Break (February 27 at 10:30/9:30 central) to think about anything else! Exclusive JBreww (pictured far right) interview coming soon!!!

Fuckin’ Huntah, guy!

On the ground in the real real world, we’ve officially entered the event planning game and Yobeat Night #1 East (@Wachusett) and West (@Mt Hood Skibowl) were both a splash success. No, that’s not a typo – it was pouring fucking rain from Coast to Coast, but we made the best of it and enjoyed very short lift lines! The party returns to Wachusett this Thursday, February 8th and hits Brandywine/Boston Mills, Ohio this Friday February 9th.  Skibowl is… only open weekends due to the Pineapple Express …  but please cross your fingers for our triumphant return with Slash and Fix in tow on February 15th!

**Snowboard Mag is not to be confused with Snowboarder, which pulled the print plug a few months back but pretended they weren’t with Instagram propaganda. That leaves North America with a couple national snowboard magazines that matter. We’re talking about King Snow and the Snowboard Journal! They may be Canadians (yes Bellingham is basically Canada), but they’re alright! For you American “adventure sport enthusaists” though, TWSnow still plans to put out brochures next year, we think.

Phew, that’s enough reading! Just enjoy some videos that hit our inbox this week!

Grand Rocha 2

January at Big Boulder by Dan Callaghan

Seems there was some dissention in the ranks of Big Boulder following last week’s Hump Day with Mike Sears, and since we received two solid edits from that very park, but only have the bandwidth to post one, we hope this won’t cause further drama. We just chose the one  featuring kids who don’t complain (as much)… riders: Jeff Virb, Joe McEvoy, Shane Weis, Alec Debaro, Mikey Kim, Tyler Mengel, Chris Fredette, & the homies.

Speedboats: Season 2

Episode 1 by Cody Holmes

Life is crazy and kids are even more crazy. So beware of the speedboating antics of Christian Sparks, Nick Hussey, Evan Ward, Lewis Deane, Josh Gaughan, Gabe Mekker, Kaleah Opal and Lacy Slife if you’re ever at Steamboat. And moose too, they’re even crazier!

HelloBoot Pack Snowboarding

Japan, Idaho and AK

Well if this video doesn’t make you want to go to Japan, Alaska and Idaho, to chase powder, you should definitely stick to the rope tows in the Midwest. Or maybe you just need more proof, so stay tuned for more JaPOW action later this week…

Noah and Charlie at Bittersweet Ski Resort

By Shortstack Media

This edit made us a little sentimental, but what can you really expect from Noah Genzink and Charlie VanDemark when they ride at a resort called Bittersweet??

Morning Commute

Splitboarding Killington

This post was officially made possibly by Killington Parks and Darkside Snowboards, who believe in supporting independent media and the people who create it. If you like having Yobeat back, you should thank the Darkside crew personally when you stop by in Ludlow, Stowe or Killington, but buy your tickets online via the link below first cause it’s cheaper that way!

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