Edit: Ulysse Dubé Burelle

Photos: Left Francis Delisle, right: self potrait courtesy @Marjpino/GoPRO

“Marj, she’s da best,” Fancy Rutherford said when she sent over the above edit by Ulysse Dubé Burelle. We watched the part (again, since much of the footage made up the ender in Too Hard) and said, yep, seems like she must be. But “da best” isn’t saying much, so here’s le back story.

Quebec-born-and-bred Marjorie Couturier decided she wanted to hit street spots instead of just the ski hill, but with no girl friends to help and no interest from the dudes who were already doing it, she just got her own shovel and started going at it alone. She once drove seven hours — with no  prior notice —  from Quebec to Boston to meet up with Danyale Patterson and film for Too Hard. She’s broken bones and bled for snowboarding plenty of times. However many years later, she’s not only ending movies, but a poster-girl for The North Face, and filming exclusively with the boys in the French Fragrance crew. When she’s not sending it on snow, she whips up a mean poutine at Le Chic Shack, too.

So, how does Marj feel about stuff? Well we asked and she answered, in her best broken English.


love – girls power!


love – being out there with your crew and the satisfaction when you get your clip
hate – all the struggle to get the satisfaction


love – just love it !

Being bilingual

love – people who think that we are all bilingual
hate – the fact that we are not all bilingual, I wish I was.

Quebec spots

love – I don’t have to travel and all the options we have
hate – going back often at the same spot with different crews

Drops to flat

love – drops
hate – the flat

Maple syrup

love – it on everything
hate – the price

Cold weather

love – staying home
hate – being cold

Justin Trudeau

love – his method game
hate – the politics