Words and Photos: Adam Foster

I won’t own a powder board that can’t ride groomers on the way down to the bar. and I can’t recommend The Arbor Cosa Nostra enough for it’s ability to do that, as well as slay tight trees in powder. This has been hands down one of the most fun boards I’ve ever ridden. Whether it’s double black powder bumps, tight trees, or the groomers home at the end of the day, you’ll want this board under your feet after the next major storm system.


Size: 159cm
Bindings: Rome Degenerati (Katana’s)
Shape: Pure Reverse Camber
Stance: 15/-15 and 23? wide set all the way back
Rider Size: 6? 180lbs
Test Conditions: Powder, Steep Trees, Powder Bumps, Groomers


  • Out runs skiers in the pow
  • Slices and Dices through the trees
  • Did someone say banked slalom?
  • Full Send or No Send


  • No friends on a powder day
  • Your friends probably won’t keep up
  • You’re not going to shut up about it, just like a Vegan.
  • People will ask about the wood top sheet. A lot.

Handling: To get maximum float, I dropped the bindings all the way back to the last inserts on the Arbor Cosa Nostra. Having next-to-no tail and such a long nose causes the Arbor Cosa Nostra to be super nimble, but somewhat unstable. If you don’t fully commit to the ride, you’re going to get thrown around. If you do commit, the tightest trees suddenly look wide open. Right up until you hit one.

Power: Being stiff reverse camber, Arbor Cosa Nostra is not a super powerful board outside of the powder. It’s meant to ride hard and fast but only by the assistance of gravity, so go full send. Rather than rebounding out of carves to generate speed on the groomers, the Arbor Cosa Nostra rides smooth and buttery, so you can have that one last glory ride down at the end of a day filled with face shots and steep lines.

Flex: The Arbor Cosa Nostra is designed as a pure powder surfer and the flex pattern reflects that. It’s consistent from nose to tail and fairly stiff both torsionally and longitudinally. This makes for a very predictable board feel under foot in all conditions and makes it easy to stomp the landing over that cliff you’ve been eying but never had the nerve to try.

Reviewers Notes: It takes a couple laps to get used to the Arbor Cosa Nostra if I haven’t been on it for a couple days. Turns release differently due to the lack of tail and the reverse camber. Pair it with a stiff set of bindings and give yourself a couple laps the day before the storm so you don’t botch your first line.

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MSRP $$599

On sale now $457  (and we get a cut if you do! yay! Thanks for the fancy link Evo!)

Also a few other options might be available below, however this board is selling quick, swoop up on one soon before they’re gone.