Chapter 2

Pros snowboarders get paid to snowboard because they’re better at it than the rest of us. At least, they used to. Nowadays snowboarding is a tiny piece of the pie and riders must also be epic content creators and social media geniuses too. For most Frenchmen, this can sound like far too much work, but Arthur Longo is not most Frenchmen. His webisode series femininely entitled SHE is really something special and so we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it.

Oli Gittler and I have always wanted to showcase our favorite thing to ride, random poppers and stuff on the side of slopes. We spent some time this season capturing the treasures of the resorts. Check it out and have fun on any bit of snow you come across!

In Decemeber, they went to Vancouver and Mount Seymour in BC, Laax in Switzerland and Arêches-Beaufort in France, and you can relive the magial memories in the universal language of snowboarding above!

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