Riders in order of appearance: 

Aaron Tufts @airntufts / Logan Pihl @logan_pihl / Kyle Sharpshair @k_sharpshair / Geoff Cochran @gieyof / Jason Loxterkamp @j_loxterkamp / Josh Cochran @9o5h / Joe Gillcrist @josephgillcrist

Snowboarding is only for people in the mountains. Right?


In America’s heartland, namely Indiana, there’s a little place called Perfect North Slopes. It’s not big or indimidating, the snow is manmade, and the season only lasts a couple months. But it’s afforable, accessible and welcoming to all. We recently received the above edit from Josh Cochran, a member of the PNS park crew, which made us say, woah, we’d like to go rip around there sometime.

Now granted, if you’re looking for steep and deep, or have convinced yourself you’re too old to have fun on a park box, you probably wouldn’t enjoy it. But if you’re into a classic American mom and pop experience, Perfect North has what a lot of places lack. Management that cares about snowboarding. Accordingly, they’ve got a park crew that works hard to make the best of what they’ve got, and that theme is something we can really get behind.

So we hit up the boys who rake and rip, to find out more about the home of the best park in the Tri-state (that’s IN, OH, KY) area has to offer.

fresh litter

How would you describe snowboarding in Indiana to someone who’s never been there? What’s the scene at Perfect North? 

Josh: Snowboarding in Indiana is really what you would probably expect: On a hill surrounded by cornfields. We rely on almost all man made snow, so it heavily depends on the weather, and is often either icy or slushy, there’s not as much of an in-between compared to other places, because we don’t have as much of a natural snow factor. To someone who’s never been here, I would make sure they prepare to laugh a lot, because we have some killer jerrys, but really it’s full of kids riding burtons doing tindys off the sides of lips, and then a ton of skiers. We have a great group of rad people who come out and ride though. The temperature varies every week and sometimes every day. This month alone we have gone down to -5, then back up the other day to 61. It’s insane. The best time to ride is really hard to pin down because of this varying weather, but most of the times it’s morning to midday in the colder months, then when we get to our spring weather in late february, it’s afternoons. The scene is honestly full of a ton of people who don’t follow snowboarding. It’s hard when you try to talk about how rad Jill Perkins is, then someone doesn’t know who that is. But, really it’s an amazing community full of the greatest people in the world, our head park dudes do an amazing job. Shoutout to Andy Hall!! And to Jamie Wittich!

Aaron: Snowboarding in Indiana is pretty congested, we have a super small hill but still manage to fit 2 terrain parks and a jump line. Because the park scene is so small, we are all super tight with one another and feed off each other’s hype and progression. The weather is bipolar as hell. It can snow one day then the next it will be 50 and sunny.

Drew: Snowboarding in Indiana is a lot of fun although the season doesn’t last that long. Most of the time the temperature is in the mid 30s. Occasionally, there will be a week or two where it is like 10-15 degrees. Since the temps are in the 30s, the snow is usually nice and soft.

Geoff: Snowboarding in Indiana is pretty wild. I’ve only ridden out of this area twice, once for a day early season at Timberline last year and then opening day this year at Seven Springs, so I don’t have too much to compare it to. I love it though. It’s super accessible as far as prices and stuff goes out here, it’s like a completely different world compared to when I went to Timberline. Weather is super on/off. One day it’s 50 and rainy and next day it’s -3 and sunny. Most of the time it’s either super icy or super slushy. We get our good days for sure though. Best time to ride is definitely those early mornings during winter break to be honest. That’s mainly because this year has been super good for us, very low temps led to great snowmaking. Also the parks have been on point this year. The scene at Perfect is really cool. All the park riders are super tight knit, you can go up any day regardless the weather and you know some of the homies are gonna be up there. Perfect North is no paradise, but we do our best.

Joe: Perfect North is easily one of the best “resorts” in the mid west. Our park management definitely knows how to make a mean park set up especially for the very short amount of hill that we have.

Jason: ice skating or slush boarding. But the best park in the Tri-State (IN, OH, KY) area. Big jumps, big rails, rope toe, and a family of shredders.

Above: Not a native plant in Indiana, Geoff with an Andrecht on a ‘quarter pipe’ p: Josh Cochran

Below: Frontside, Backside, Lip slide, unlimited. Aaron and Kyle, the Wet Banditz p: Jacob Ciulla

What sort of gapers do you have? Do you call them gapers? Jerrys? Kooks?

Josh: We have all sorts of gapers! Ski Patrol comes into the park and sends it off the lips to rails, old men, little kids and their dads go off the jump and knuckle super hard, then ride away like nothing happened. I call them Jerrys for sure, we have a billion crazy ones, we get a ton of weekend crowds from Cincinnati, which includes a ton of hilarious Jerrys. Mostly the kind that play dubstep through a speaker while hitting the butter box.

Aaron: People travel from all over to ski here for their first time, so we’ve seen every kind of jerry on the spectrum. Our big park has an intermediate hill right next to it, so while we’re on the lift we see Jerrys fly down the hill and take others out. It’s pretty entertaining to be honest. Not a day goes by where an ambulance doesn’t get called into Perfect North.

Drew: Jerrys at Perfect North Slopes like to rent skis and go off the side jumps in the terrain jump.

Geoff: Gapers, oh jeez. I normally call em gapers or kooks. Yeah we definitely get a ton. And it’s almost every day too, because ski clubs come up all the time. Perfects is also about 20ish minutes from Cincinnati, so people love to try skiing on the weekend. They’re all like us, we didn’t grow up with parents who skied, because it’s not really a normal thing here. I got into it from ski club at my school as well. So most of the time these people have never seen skis or snowboards before except on TV. We deal with it though, try and regulate them. Send them over to the bunny hill. Definitely seen some gnarly slams from kids though. Helicopters come through from the hospital multiple times a month, on the weekends normally. Kids just don’t know their limits and don’t like to take things slow.

Joe: We have all the gapers. We hardly ever call them gapers tho. Mainly just Jerrys. We have “first time” Jerrys, “full send” Jerrys, “snake” Jerrys. We got em all.

Even when the skies are gray, Jason never has a bad day. p: Alec Reynolds

What’s your go-to post shred food stop?

Josh: McDougal snacks!! Pre shred would be Stateline Diner. Biscuits the size of plates. It’s insane.

Aaron: You already know my mom’s got dinner made.

Drew: McDonalds

Geoff: My go-to post shred spot is probably McDougal snacks. Joe, Josh, and I are pretty much addicted. If you leave the slopes early though you can catch a great local spot. This classic hole in the wall diner, Stateline. Biggest portions ever. Fire breakfast for sure.

Joe: definitely McDougal snacks

Jason: PB and J and coffee

Too fast for the handycam, Josh doing his thing p: Geoff Cochran

What’s your camera/lens/editing set up? Who’s least likely to blow the shot if you let them hold a camera?

Josh: We got our boy Pete’s Sony Handycam (big shoutout to Pete!!) and for the lens I attach this crappy wide angle that has all the circle frame shots in the edit. I didn’t use it too much, it fogs up pretty easy. Editing I use iMovie, next one I’m probably going to be using Adobe Premiere though. As far as not blowing the shot when passing it off, I would say Joe or Geoff. Drew’s not too bad either. I’m pretty sure that all of us could probably handle it, although Geoff definitely blew a couple shots and I was bummed, so we did it over.

Aaron: I’ve got a Cannon t3i but I hardly use it. I normally just use mine or a friend’s iPhone. For editing I use Adobe Premiere. I’d say Geoff or Josh Cochran, they know which angles to get.

Geoff: The camera rig is ridiculous. Didn’t cost a dime. We got the homie Pete’s Handycam, he’s been letting us use it. (Shoutout Pete!) Hopefully he doesn’t want it back anytime soon. Editing is just iMovie. Josh and I are taking this graphic design class at school though, and we get free access to Adobe programs so we’ll upgrade to Premiere next edit. Most likely to not mess up a shot? I would love to say myself, but I’ve definitely screwed up some shots. All the bad ones in the edit are probably me to be honest. I get a little zoom heavy sometimes, not really on purpose. Josh has got that on lock, he did most of the filming.

Joe: I really don’t know what we use. I’m not tech savvy, I don’t know what names to these cameras are. I’m pretty sure it’s modest compared to most hardcore filmers out there tho. Geoff definitely has good filming techniques and I would trust him with any of my shots.

Jason: Handy Cam, Expensive Nikon, and a few DSLR’s. Everyone is likely to blow the shot.

 Classic Aaron; Going bigger than everybody else. Small man, Giant fs tweaker on the swingset p: Jacob Ciulla

What do you do when not terrorizing the slopes?

Josh: School, work Park Crew. And when it’s not winter I work at a Barbecue joint and skate just about every day. When I’m not doing any of those, I’m watching skating and boarding edits, like anything from Think Thank to Twist to Snowboy Production stuff to Board over Brains, Strangebrew, Shorts and Shades 10, Beacon… Everything really! Then when I’m not doing that I’m dreaming of terrorizing the slopes.

Aaron: Skate with the homies @blacklist_lbg

Drew: I play football and baseball, so when I’m not at the slopes, I’m usually working out.

Geoff: When not terrorizing the slopes, I’m skating or drawing. I been skating since I was six so that’s pretty much the lifestyle. Josh and I skate every day except in the winter, we were still going to the outdoor park right up until opening day. It was super cold. I try and keep my art skills on point too though. I balance all that with two jobs. Just keepin myself occupied til winter and tryin not to get sucked into the life of just sitting on your phone ya know.

Joe: If I’m not terrorizing the slopes then I’m either dreaming dreaming about it, or playing Fortnite. Occasionally doing my school work also.

Jason: Chemist, skateboarder, runner, and adrenaline enthusiast