Mt Hood Skibowl, Oregon

Stop making excuses and come ride with us Thursday night! Ignore the weatherman, the voices in your head and your adult responsibilites with discounted tickets, friends, refreshments from Brew Dr. Kombucha, and unlimited fresh air! It’s all the reason you need enjoy the best, most lit-up terrain in North America. AND Highway 26 construction has FINALLY been completed, making the one-hour drive from Portland A LOT safer and easier than you remember.

We will be set up in the Multorpor park starting at 7pm on Febrauary 1 with free Brew Dr. Kombucha and other goodies to hand out. Don’t have a 9-5? Get up there and take advantage of $30 tickets starting at 3pm and in the future find us at the bottom of the rope tow park, where we will have super special free demos (Sponsors TBA) and giveaways beginning February 15.

BONUS: Use the #yoSkiBowl hashtag on the social medias and we may make you YoFamous!

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February 1, 2018 – Meet us on Multorpor. Future board demos from K2 Snowboards, an ollie comp with LEG and free Brew Dr Kombucha!

Febrary 15, 2018 – Meet us at the base of the Terrain Park at Skibowl West. Demos from Fix and Slash Snowboards!


Wachusett, Massacusetts

Skip whatever your after-work routine normally is and come ride Wachusett Mountain with Yobeat! Get a $10 discount off lift tickets by telling the people at ticket counter you’re with Yobeat, or skip the line entirely and buy online with the links below. Experience the excitement with celebrity appearances from the Technine team and more. Share your photos with the hashtag #YoMASS andbask in the glory of YoFame.

February 1, 2018

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February 8, 2018

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February 22, 2018

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BUY TICKETS – USE CODE YOBEAT2-22 for $10 off!

March 8, 2015 

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BUY TICKETS – USE CODE YOBEAT 3-8 for $10 off!


Brandywine/Boston Mills, Ohio

Join us for the snowboard social event of the Ohio season! Join your host Cody Sanders for your chance to win free YoMerch, stickers and moar. Post your pics on social media with the hashtag #YOhio for your chance to be famous!


A very special park build.

Freedies and celebrity appearances from the Interior Plain Project, Neff Headwear, Howl, and Holden Outerwear.

The only Ohio showing of Vans’ new snowboard movie Landline.

Samples of PBR for those over 21 and Free Monster Energy Drink and Brew Dr. Kombucha for all.

Discounted Lift tickets with a college ID.

ONE NIGHT ONLY: February 9, 2018!