January 2018 is almost over. The Western season is actually starting now, with actual snow falling from the sky. (Sorry about the rain, East Coasters, but hey! At least your snow guns still work and the cat drivers feel important, right?)  Europe is buried, Japan is still dreamy and there’s a lot of people in Bulgaria for some reason. We’re hyped to go adventure sporting from now on.  The US Olympic team has been namedWinter X Games are on TV (so far we’ve caught a little bit of some sort of made-for-tv judged snowmobile race that seems, well, dangerous.) Speaking of danger, another snowboarder went missing in a blizzard at Mt. Baker. The very legendary Warren Miller passed away sour pour one out for him. SIA/OR is under way in Denver, (we would have gone but when we tried to sign up, it wanted us to pay $650 for media passes so we said, nah, and stayed in Portland.) The story here is powdery too, and much less full of exciting staffing announcements and glamourous premieres. But you can still download Landline on iTunes despite Net Nuetrality (click that link you won’t regret it). And if you’re not going snowboarding, you can do the next best thing: watch snowboarding! Here are the most exciting edits to hit our INBOX this week. 

A Day

Edit: Ben Howells/ Pilchard Productions

Måns Hedberg and Ludvig Bilttoft spent a day doing laps in the Swedish sun.


A Bonesaw Production

Did you hear about last winter in Utah yet? Oh, you did? Or did you already forget? Either way, Alex Rodway and Jack Dawe are gonna keep repeating the same message. It was JUST. THAT. GOOD last season at Brighton resort.

Filmed by Connor Winton and Joe Carter.


For Technine

Classic Quebec with a new double J threat. And yes, Technine is still a thing.


Global Warning Part

Had this hit our inbox one day earlier, Heikki would be facing off in the latest People’s Court, but it didn’t. So yay! Just watch it.

Full Board Hell

15 Piges

Our 9th grade French education has deduced this is a 15-year retrospective from a French film company. And we also think at least 15 of you will watch it. Voila!

Heavy Metal Drake

Scud TV

Do you love rock and roll? Cause these guys do. Featuring:


Edit: Scooter Stanko/Common Apparel


A Bittersweet Bonus Edit

You know how we said six? Well, we almost forgot this one! But lucky for you, we remembered!