Words and video: Brad Oates

“I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way,” sang Whitney Houston in her 1985 smash hit, “Greatest Love of All.” And she was god damn right! Watching her lock her kids out of her bedroom so she could have some “afternoon delight” with Bobby Brown was always a TV highlight for me, but alas, I am getting away from the damn post here. We’re here to discuss kid snowboarders, kid snowboards and let the good times roll. Here’s the first of many kids board reviews from Yobeat.

We took the Bataleon Minishred (Girl) 100 up to Boreal to lay down some turns, spray some kooks and drink cocoa’s at the Boreal Bar. I didn’t have the heart to tell Carter this was a girl’s board. He would have been fucking pissed. What makes this a girls board? It’s white. The Bataleon Boys Minishred is black and dark like my heart. I guess we can get a can of spray paint? Luckily, the board kicks ass and colors don’t matter. Thanks Bataleon.

Yobeat’s finest and youngest board reviewer is Carter Oates. He is 7 years old and this marks his 3rd season shredding the gnar. He likes pointing it straight, spraying kooks, riding chair lifts solo and he blames me, his father, for ruining his runs, even when I am 50 feet away. Basically, he’s a perfect child and dragging his ass along to go snowboarding sure beats watching grown men in tights toss a pig skin around on Sunday afternoons.

But back to the board review – The Bataleon 3BT edge catch free triple base technology, you’ve seen this on all Bataleon boards, the base is divided into three parts, so the edges are lifted off the snow, is an incredible easy way to get youngsters charging. The lifted edges keep catching your edges to a minimum, so the little lads can terrorize the mountain quicker and with more authority. Couple the Bataleon Minishred with the kids Bataleon bindings (they come in a set for $299.95) and you have a board/binding combo that will kick any mountains ass.

The Verdict? Carter loves this setup and throw him a high five the next time you see him at Boreal. Bataleon has a winner winner chicken dinner on their hands here. Put this board under your kids feet. You’ll have a future olympic contender on your hands in no time.