The “Man” Officially Declares Snowboarding an Adventure Sport

In the 70’s they called in snurfing, then snowboarding took hold in the 80s, but neither of them had the cachet to appeal to the mainstream audience corporate marketing execs demand when spending money. So the corporate heads declared snowboarding, extreme and grouped it in with dudes jumping out of planes in flourescent suits. It was laughable enough, but clearly didn’t have the staying power or command the respect the snowboarding felt it deserved.

In the late 90’s came the “action” moniker. Action sports made slightly more sense. Still corny, but at least snowboarders were grouped in with other more-established board sports such as skateboarding and surfing, and BMX, Moto and Wake were sort of culturally similar. Good enough, we thought.

Now it’s almost 20 years later, and snowboarding’s cultural identity crisis and the general robotization of life has made explaining standing sideways on a sled in the snow to Agency 3.0 impossible. Snowboarding, it seems, is an elite world of whiney rich kids, and honestly, much like teenage girls, no one wants to fuck with it.

But the mega corp formerly known as Grind Networks (TEN) knows this: there are still people who ride snowboards, and those who do spend money! Which from a marketing stand point means with the right catch phrase, there may just be enough gas left in the tank to keep things rolling! And with that, the parent company of TWsnow and The Magazine Formerly Known as Snowboarder have fallen prey to a new generalization. “ADVENTURE SPORTS.” 

At long last, you can find out how Pat Moore feels about camping, get tips for waxing your SUP and find out about all the people who live out their dreams with a car for a house to make it happen at the end of URL.Long live adventure sports including, but not limited to: SUP, aggressive car camping, snowbroing, paddle boating, gluttonous gear hoardingmoto wheelie-ing and MOAR. Read on for the official press release, or just go to the website and try to contain your excitement! And please, clean up after yourself, leave only footprints, and don’t fill up on trail mix or you’ll spoil your dinner.

Carlsbad, Calif. (January 25, 2018) — TEN: The Enthusiast Network has launched ASN (, targeting the fast-growing audience of outdoor/adventure sports enthusiasts in the United States. The site launched on January 25, 2018.

“ASN aims to be the world’s most engaged digital media platform serving the ever-growing outdoor/adventure sports and lifestyle community,” said Norb Garrett, President of TEN’s Sports & Entertainment group. “ASN’s editorial strategy is unique in that it will generate original content around experiences, product, gear and travel while also leveraging TEN’s twelve action-adventure sports brands (such as Surfer, Powder, TransWorld Snowboarding and Canoe & Kayak) as well as building a network of amazing third-party content partners.”

ASN’s multi-channel launch includes web, social (Instagram, Facebook) and video (YouTube and OTT) platforms. Exclusive launch content includes three video series related to wellness, travel and camping, as well as an ever-growing influencer network.

“Outdoor enthusiasts are not single-sport or one-dimensional individuals,” said ASN Content Director Gabriela Aoun. “They’re in the ocean surfing and on the mountain snowboarding. They’re camping, road-tripping and hiking. They’re prioritizing their health, and looking for products and experiences that enhance their time outdoors. More women than ever are participating in outdoor sports. ASN will create content to inform and inspire this growing audience, not just in sport, but in the entire outdoor lifestyle.”

With the launch of ASN, TEN is sunsetting its GrindTV brand, but absorbing its content. All of the GrindTV channels are being directed to ASN effective January 25.

For more information about ASN, contact Gabriela Aoun at [email protected] or visit or

About TEN: Sports & Entertainment Group

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