Miso Soup

We’ll start our meal with a tasty look at the 2017 from Austrian gang the Canary Cartel. It’s simple, it’s hearty and it makes you feel warm inside. Strap in, do a trick. Get the shot. Repeat. Don’t ask why, just watch.

Riders: Jonel Fricke, Raphael Weber, Fabian Wolfsgruber, Christian Kirsch, Oskar Fritzsche, Valentin Haslbeck, Dinar Galimov and Nicola PJ Ganz

Filming: Tassio MzD, Jonas Schnuerch, Markus Tonak, Valentin Haslbeck and Theo Acworth

Editing: Jonas Schnuerch

Music: The Herbaliser – The sensual woman ; Jay Z – Drug Dealer Anonymous ; TR/ST – Bicep

Picture Control’s Sideshow

And now we get into the meat of the meal, with a highly existential look at the same season but in Finland. Take a swig of table booze and enjoy the ambiance of Helsinki.

Featuring parts from Henkka (Henri Kemiläinen), Jopi (Joel Pircklen), Hessu (Heikki Kantanen) and Snibudi (Jonathan Begley).

Who are they and why are they even doing this? Does it even matter anymore? Or are you already full?