Stan is back with all the news you may have missed in December (we know we did). He also threw in a bonus January OLYMPIC HYPE piece about yer boi Shaun’s perfect 100, because he’s just that on top of shit. Personally, we’ve decided to bow down to the reality that Shaun making the Olympic team at 32 with two busted ankles, a bad back and way better shit to do is kinda sick. Therefore, we endorse Mr. White as the dark horse for the gold in Peyongchang, but we understand that not everyone feels that way.

For those of you, there’s Stan! Stan will make you feel better about our flippy flopping. And that, my friends, is what makes America, and the Internet, and snowboarding, so damn great. Happy 2018! Keep scrolling for moar or just click play and enjoy the best episode of Last Resort to date!

First: Stan wins an award!


Sage Kotsenberg’s Wake n Snake

Yung Doli

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The Global Warming Hoax

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The Bloody Sneakers Challenge

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Bonezone Update

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Scotty Vine Retires

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Knut Eliassen for TM of the Year

Haldor’s Octuple Flip

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Lukas Caye is Cray

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