Words and photos: Adam Foster


Bindings: 2017/18 Bent Metal Logic
Mounted To: Capita Defenders of Awesome
Stance: 15/-15 and 23″ wide.
Rider Size: 6′, 180lbs
Test Conditions: Ice, Parks, Touch of Pow


  • Winged Urethane Highbacks
  • Twist Cube forward lean adjustment
  • Mini Disc 2×4 and Channel Compatible


  • Responsively Flexible
  • Smooth ladders and buckles
  • Sustainably Manufactured
  • Simple Functionality


  • You probably don’t own these bindings yet
  • Gear nerds asking about them all the time
  • No canted food beds
  • No bells or whistles

Tech Nerd’s Take: 4 Point Review

The Ride: The winged eurothane highbacks made for a responsive ride, which let me press with ease. The footbeds gave me a great edge-to-edge response. The Bent Metal Logic bindings are at home in the park or free riding in all the conditions Aspen had to offer.

Comfort: I’ve been riding the Bent Metal Logics to teach lessons ranging from total beginners to those learning dynamic carving, and they were comfortable in either case. Rather than going with a super padded strap, Mervin kept things minimalist allowing the ankle strap to form to you boot. This keeps them from creating pressure points and strap discomfort. I do wish they had canted footbeds; after several consecutive days in them I noticed some knee discomfort I don’t usually feel with canted beds.

Functionality: Getting in and out of the Bent Metal Logics is a breeze. The ratchets and ladders are smooth and easy to operate. They did not hang me up in the lift line, I was generally able to unstrap while I was still riding to the lift. I wasn’t able to test the Bent Metal Logic‘s on and frigid Colorado days, but thus far I haven’t had issues with the buckles freezing.

Overall:  My first impression of the Bent Metal Logics had me leery. The straps look under-engineered by modern standards. However, there is beauty and comfort in the Logic’s simplicity. I’ve officially adopted them as my daily driver bindings this winter for teaching, as well as riding park and all-mountain terrain. Paired with the Capita Defenders of Awesome, I couldn’t be happier.


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  1. sman
    sman says:

    when doing a binding review, think about those with big feet please.. that is the #1 issue facing size 12+ people

    • Adam Foster
      Adam Foster says:

      If there is something specific you would like me to look into, let me know and I will try. Riding in size 9.5 boots I’m not familiar enough with your challenges to be able to comment on them.

    • Adam Foster
      Adam Foster says:

      Riding in boots size 9.5, I don’t have enough familiarity with the issues that guys with larger feet have. If there is something specific you have questions about, let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

      • sman
        sman says:

        Appreciated. The issue fairly straight forward. We big feet riders are blessed with giant d’s, but cursed with small bindings and toe drag. Similar to our issues of tip drag, or toilet water dipping when we sit. It’s like putting on a size medium boxers on Andre the Giant (RIP). Shit just gets compressed, need to let it breathe like fine wine. Most manufactures blend in a L/XL which is bullshit from my years of analysis. A true XL is needed along with a wide board to minimize hydroplaning up on the heel or toes. Nothing feels worse than riding on your toes across ice. Shit should get long is all I am saying. I can send you some size 13 boots that I believe you could sock your little feet into and test with. No disrespect on your little feet.

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