Filming/editing/after effects: Amin Olve Klungseth Ullah


Felix Melli
Sigurd Bratberg
Magnus Karl Tryggvason
Kristian Lekang
Didric Aardal Lothe
Håvard Roald
Kasper Brattested
Sondre Dørum
Marius Davood Ludvigsen

It’s a well known fact that Norwegians speak better English as a second language than most Americans, Brits and Aussies do as a first. So it’s no surprise that not only is the snowboarding in this remix of the Hyttegutta Crew’s top notch, and the editing fun, fast and exciting, they also included not one, but four, English translations for this remix of their 2017 footage. So whether you prefer “Cabin boys,” “Gottage guys,” “Cabin guys” or “Cottage boys,” just don’t call them Swedish!