The humans of Troll Park Crew are joined by the the local scene for sessions, with the season in full swing. The Valhalla terrain park dominates first semester, with hammers from familiar faces. Then, a bonus extra credit project from Dinos Will Die x Snowboy ‘BARRELy An Event’, demonstrating you don’t need a full park to smile – you just need good food, great people, snowboards, and a clown college grip of barrels. Then it’s back to scheduled programming with the triumphant return of Kyle Kennedy, with an ankle injury erasing pre-season consideration. You wouldn’t know that, they way his bionic joints bow and flex. Human on Board: Linear Equation. What does it mean? Come to class, the rope is in sesh.

Film/Edit: Robbie Weides @Bobby_Lightspleef

Feat: Keegan Tank | Charlie Folkert | Tony Wagner | Sam Schiltgen | Mike Skiba | Ryan Paul | Logan Herber | Ben McCabe | Kyle Kennedy | | Dan Pergrin | Adam Kaye | Eric Dommeyer | Emit Salokar | Jake Antisdel | Jake Aldridge | Boody | @Chickentendon | Blake Lamb | @yourneighborhooddog | &…. Kyle Kennedy again, cause Kyle is back.

Tunes: With mad respect, we track to tunes we dig and ride to, to set the tone and spread awareness.
Sugar Candy Mountain – Tired:
alt-J (?) – Fitzpleasure: