To get to from America to Saas Fee, Switzerland you’ll ride in a plane (or two), then three trains, and then a bus. This bus ride takes over an hour and snakes through switchback-lined canyons, which are surely full of long-forgotten crashed cars. When you arrive in the village, all gas-powder vehicles cease and your options include walking (up steep-ass hills) or taking tiny electric taxis. To say it feels disconnected from reality is the understatment of a lifetime, and by no means a bad thing.

This is where Fredi Kalbermatten lives and has always lived. His grandfather lived there, his father lived there and now his two sons live there too. Four generations later, the “Swiss Knife” has the mountain life down to a science. Gray Thompson and Zac Marben joined him few a few weeks last April to bring you this closer look at his picture-perfect life.

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