A Grown Man’s Review of the Airblaster Black Diamond Goggle

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Airblaster Air goggle

Words: Matt Harris, Photos: Charlotte Scott

As a grown man who has lived well over 25 years with the burden of sweating profusely, foggy goggles have been an annoying, and sometimes dangerous, fact of life since I started snowboarding. The Airblaster Black Diamond goggle is my antidote.

The side of the box of these goggles states in huge font “THESE THINGS DON’T FOG.” Very bold claim and also a very cliche statement. Virtually every pair of goggles I’ve ever owned has said that, but these ones mean it.

When you first open the box and see the goggles they do feel a little cheap and flimsy. The spare lens they provide you with is flat and floppy, unlike spare lenses you get with big name eyewear brands that are rigid, shaped, hard plastic. So that made me a little weary of them. Looking closer, you’ll notice there are vents EVERYWHERE on these frames. Previous goggles i’ve owned have had some big vents on the top and smaller ones on the bottom, but these Airblasters literally have vents surrounding the whole frame, it’s insane.

model shot

Riding them: First day riding these I got sweaty. It was a mid 40s day at Snoqualmie. I was an idiot and wore a thick base layer with my insulated jacket. So needless to say, I was soggy after my first run. This is typically where my lenses would fog from my steamy face—but not these Airblaster goggles. I was blown away, sitting on the lift just waiting for the inevitable fog to appear but it never did. Next test was clogging up the vents with snow riding through deep powdery tree runs. Didn’t fog. I tucked my facemask under my goggles to blast my hot breath into them. Didn’t fog. I put snow on the inside of the lenses and took a run. Didn’t fog.


low profile

Other perks: The strap has a clip on the back making it easier to keep the snow on your beanie/face from falling into them which is nice. There’s little plastic pegs stitched into the ends of the straps so the already slim chance of the strap ripping out of the frame is even more slim now. The lens FTW.

The lens this goggle came with were the Red Air Iridiums. They look like they’d only be good for bright and sunny conditions—which they were—but surprisingly, they gave me great visibility in dark, overcast, and snowy conditions. AB provides you with a low light lens, too, but it’s nice to know it’s not necessary to swap them out all the time.

close up!

This is more than I thought I’d ever write about a simple pair of goggles but after spending probably close to $1000 over the course of my life trying to find the perfect pair of goggles I feel like I have a duty to say I have nothing but great things to say about the airgoggles. They also retail for $99.00. Which is hilarious because they work better than some $300 goggles i’ve used.

Stay Wild. Buy these.