Another week has gone by and we’ve received our share of submissions… Some good, some bad, and some…. well let’s just move on. But since its 2018 and we only post the good shit now, here are five edits you’ll wanna use to avoid whatever sort of bullshit you’re supposed to be doing right now. (If our new site let us use emojis, we’d totally insert the fire one here.)

DVP’s Italian Madness Chapter 2/3

Chapter 2/3: Courmayeur, Aosta Valley
Starring: Ethan Morgan and Simon Gruber
Also featuring: Marco Grigis
Cinematography: Marco Morandi Photography: Roberto Bragotto

It takes 1:45 for the snowboarding to start in this second chapter of DVP’s Italian Madness, and who can blame them. The artistry is in the intro and you probably need to procrastinate real work anyway. But if your ADHD can’t handle a little art and you just wanna jerk off to pow porn, we recommend skipping to 1:45 and placing a napkin on your keyboard to prevent drool damage.

Big Boulder BrickZ

Mark Gama, Mikey Kim, Tyler Mengel, Andrew Galena, Aidan Bulwicz, Justin Palmer, Edit: Mikey Gama, Bryant Davis
Contidtion: 10 Degree PA Weather
Video: Screwed Up Fisheye

Mark Gama and the boiz and still bringing the heat, which is good, because it has been cold AF on the east coast lately. If you missed this one on the mainpage, never fear! You can catch it here and now.

Tikai: Last Season in Russia and Finland

For years marketing bros have claimed only women care about women’s snowboarding. But this season edit from Vadim Taran is proof that Too Hard’s influence transcends gender. Maybe all those radical feminists are on to something after all.

Spot Hunt – Episode 1

Founded by: Rado Kapralcik and Fabian Fraidl
Featuring: Fabian Fraidl, Kevin Trammer, Dylan Norder, Christian Kirsch, Oskar Fritzsche, and Dinar Galimov.

The Streetz of Europe are alive with hungry ams trying to make the most of their universal health care system. The struggles are real and the boarding is sick, and if you like snow parcour, you’ll wanna subscribe to their Youtube channel directly for a new episode every month!

Bruce Bugera Park 2k17

Filmers: Liam Hall, Marcus Skin, Mat Wilkinson, Ryan Wilkinson and Jack Lawrence

Yes you read that right! Bruce Bugera has five personal filmers who made his season park edit possible! Apparently when you’re really good at snowboarding, everyone wants to point their camera at you, eh?