Meet Jack Dawe. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the snow is, well, dissappointing right now. But in 2017, Brighton got about 130″ of snow over the month of January, and the dryspell of the 2018 season so far gave he and his friend/cinematographer Connor Winton plenty of time time to put together the above edit.
 “Brighton has lift access to a ton of amazing terrain so we spent the month exploring the area, building jumps, riding lines, etc. It snowed consistently throughout the entire month, as you can see in the video there weren’t too many sunny days,” Jack said.
If you just wanna reminisce about a snowier time, we recommend you click play above! But if your interest is piqued and you wanna know more about what’s going on inside Jack’s brain, keep reading! You can also follow he and Connor on Insta @wjackdawe and @c0nw0w

Salt Lake City

– Love: Close to the mountains
– Hate: Smog, weird laws


Love: It’s delicious
Hate: It’s expensive

New England Patriots

Love: Consistent greatness


Love: Snow, waves
Hate: Sketchy driving

The snowboard industry

Love: Banked slaloms
Hate: Doomsayers


Love: Most fun thing ever
Hate: Feeling like I’m going to drown, vibes


Love: The terrain, lack of crowds
Hate: Icy skin tracks

3.2 beer

Love: Less of a hangover
Hate: Not much bang for your buck

Riding in Utah

Love: Brighton, friends
Hate: Bad snow years

Outdoor enthusiast culture

Love: Technical layers
Hate: Pretentiousness