We would not be lying when we said we’ve been trying to put together a year end recap post since last year. And that’s basically the best thing about a new year – making last year jokes! Bahahahaha. That said, we’re trying out new ideas and jokes too, so instead of just putting together the same old boring recap list from our [read: google’s] brains, we tapped the Yobeat Intern squad and gave them a simple assignment – Please list UP TO 6 things you care to remember about snowboarding in 2017. As is to be expected with Interns, half of them didn’t respond and of the ones did, only a couple can count all the way to six. But we said — GOOD ENOUGH!  And now present Snowboarding 2017: An Interns Year in Review.

Kyle Weiss, Big Bear, CA

2017: High Tide in the American West, The Great Warm, and One-Footing Levels Up

The 2016-17 winter season was an impactful one. It came with its highs and lows, but for many west coast snow lovers, it was a season unlike any other.

1) 2017 brought record breaking snowfall to the western seaboard, with seasonal totals exceeding 700” in some Tahoe resorts. Mammoth experienced a few of the most ridiculous storm cycles on record, shattering monthly totals for January and February.

Mammoth Mountain during the January storm cycle was unlike anything I had seen before. Waking up to 2-4 feet of snow every day for a week straight is not normal. At best, it’s a window into the seasons our parents told us about. But in 2017, the year of snow and ice and cold, it was very much the norm.

Even down in Bear Mountain, the southern corner of the American snowboard world, we were blessed with foot after foot of fresh snow and blue skies. (link to photo #2 through Insta) It was a true snowboarder’s paradise, something that not many people get to experience firsthand. Roads closed, and the mountain stayed empty. I remember riding the Christmas holiday cycle at Bear with nobody else in sight – just me, the trees, and the endless snow.

2) 2017 also marked the end of Whistler’s Camp of Champions, with the managers highlighting environmental impacts to the glacier as the main cause for closure. I fear this is just a sign of things to come within our sport. A number of European summer camps were also forced to, at the very least, suspend summer operations for the 2017 summer camp season. Concerns for the health of the glacier were brought up. How much longer will we have the summer? It’s really hard to say.

3) Snowboarding has undergone a series of drastic developments recently, and the bar has never been higher for skill and talent within the world of snowboarders. However, with his latest part in the hit movie Pepper, Bode Merrill has yet again managed to pick the bar up and move it entirely; his mobile stomp-pad superpad is a stroke of absolute genius, and with it Bode completely revolutionizes the one-foot game.

Joey Leppien, Truckee, CA

  1. Keenan Cawley is, thankfully, Keenan Cawley

In the current world of young, adidas-ridden, fake-afterbang-droppin, carbon-copy-styled snowboarding, Keenan Cawley dropped his “like a cat” video that is sure to have you googling ‘how to turn on repeat on Vimeo’. Keenan may have chopped off his long, curly head of hair, and traded in his skinny jeans for a more modest, more insulated outerwear. However, his smooth style, mind-bending creativity, and infectious positive attitude has all remained persistent throughout the years. This short-but-sweet 2 minute video captured the hearts of not only a vast majority of the snowboard community, but also most likely quite a few of your girlfriends.


2. Korua Shapes Boosts The Market For Shapes and Sharp Edges by 75% (probably)

Set to fast-paced, heart-galvanizing tunes, the Korua Shapes team released their 6-part video series ‘Yearning For Turning’, an immensely welcomed break from the typical terrain park edits of young kids who are way better than all of us. The Korua boys lay metal like you’ve never seen before, and like you’ll probably never be able to do.


3. Kody Williams Back on Board

On December, 19, 2016, in an incident that rocked the core snowboard community, Kody Williams took a slam in the streets and suffered severe head and brain trauma. The outpouring of love and support made us all realize what it is that we love about this little snowboarding community of ours. Countless fundraisers, ‘Get Well Soon’ posts, and an overwhelming outpouring of love flooded our feeds like a tsunami of support for snowboardings young ripper. On July, 18, 2017, Kody took to instagram to announce that he finally got to strap into his board again and take some warm summer laps, not that anybody even slightly doubted him in the first place.

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I'm so blessed, thankful and lucky to still have the chance to talk with family and friends everyday. There is so many people involved in my recovery I don't even know how to say thank you.. I honestly don't think my self or family would have msde it this far with out the love and support from everyone. My patient story has now been printed out and is in the Vancouver General Hospital. It will be on the internet soon if you like to read. Last Friday and Saturday I officially started my #comebackseason as I got to strap back into my board and cruise around public park.. *with a helmet on!* @whistlerblackcomb 🙇🏽‍♂️🙌🏾😁🙇🏽‍♂️🙌🏾 I am a very lucky kid and I plan on making my second chance a lot better than the first one! Thanks again to everyone involved in my recovery 💜🌎💜 couldn't have done it with out y'all!🙏🏾🙏🏾 Interview by: @handleygen vghfoundation.ca/ 12/19/2016☠👾☠

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Lil Baby Magoon!

On December 14, 2017, just 2 weeks prior to the end of one of the wildest years in the history of the universe, Tonya and Lucas Magoon warmed our hearts and welcomed a baby girl into the world. An influx of congratulations and excitement poured into our feeds as the snowboard community rejoiced and exclaimed in glee of our new, collective wonder child. Some reports claimed there were complications during the delivery, due to the fact that the baby entered the world with a Rutland strong arm, an unforeseen curveball for the midwives and doctors involved.


A New Disease is Discovered

Powanoia- /pah-wuh-no-ye-uh [noun]

A strong tendency to frontside slash or ride the perfect line, or medical mental illness that causes extreme feelings of air time. Powanoia is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by fresh snowfall, often to the point of dropping all responsibility and calling in sick to work.

This fall, Fancy Rutherford, Madison Blackley, Christine Savage, Taylor Elliot, Hanna Eddy, Iris Lazzarichi, Riley Elliot, Melissa Riitano, and Yui Sotoma set out to self-diagnose their undefined ailments, resulting in deep turns and wide smiles.


Charlotte Scott – Seattle, WA

2017: Year of the Dumpster Fire

As I sat down to write this, I realized that I repressed most memories from this dumpster fire of a year (Thanks Trump). But I’m opening the floodgates to all things awful to try and pull out the good.

  1. Juicy Bits—My favorite part of this past year was entering the #sisterhoodofshred community, a grassroots movement by Coalition Snow to bring women in snowsports together to just, you know, enjoy sliding on snow. New this year, they launched a podcast series called “Juicy Bits” where co-founder, Jen Gurecki and guests discuss topical issues and dive into #dudesoup, aka the fucking patriarchy. I laughed my ass off. Listen to it here

  1. Vermont Had A Pow Day In April And It Was Fucking Great—Mother Nature sent me off with a good day before I left the ice coast. ~1 foot of fresh stuff in April. First tracks on upper mountain after a wind delay. It was awesome.
  2. The Step-OnLol and Lol

My predictions for this year are: women start yelling louder, Trump does more stupid shit, Marcus Kleveland continues to make me question if I should just quit snowboarding, and—hopefully—all the snow.

Justin Miller – Chicago IL

2017: A full year of “why the fuck not?”

All year long, snowboarding ceased to give a fuck about your opinions, what you expected to happen and what you thought was popular. From bizarre board shapes, small brands that took on corporate-demon-brands and one specific snowboard site that you thought was sleeping but came back swinging, “why the fuck not?” was the reason behind it all.


  1. Weird shapes that defied the norm.  
  2. Small brands that stuck it to the big guys.   Step 1: Take money from big brands. Step 2: Put them in the ground.

3. Brooke lit a fire under Yobeat’s ass to wake back up.

Mike Garceau, Killington, Vermont

The East Coast makes turns on June 1st.

Global warming, this shit is real… probably the only reason you can get away with claiming OPEN on June 1st with conditions that look like this.

All jokes aside, it was a winter wonderland just over that ridge, and for the East Coast, this was fucking rad. If you happened to be on hill that day, good fucking luck keeping the smile off your face.

#MakeJedSkyPro …and the other thousand kids that rip just as hard.

WTF Snowboarding, did you just get easy AF, or are humans just really on some shit. Jed’s street part from 2017 was arguably right on that cuff of Real Street worthy.

This kid is born and bred on the East Coast, snowboarding his way through school, deserves a real shot, and he’s far from the only kid on the list these days… coming in 2018, snowboarder population control? Who knows, weird world these days.

Snowboy Productions and Airblaster go clubbin’

Dew Tour, X-Games, US Open, SKOLF, SKOLF, SKOLF. I’ve never played a full round of actual golf in my life, quite possibly never will after smoking a birdie on that insane put course from SKOLF. Big shout-out to Snowboy and Airblaster for taking a step back and bringing a seriously fun and creative contest to the masses.


Jess Kimura, you’re a goddamn legend, always have been. Uninvited is a serious statement for women in the industry, and a solid outlook on what 2018 should look like for badass ripping ladies. Forget about the mainstream media, gender equality shit for a moment, and enjoy some refreshing snowboarding from a group of humans who love to stand sideways the same as you and me.

Global fame from a Superpark Landing!!

Shortly after the Yawgoons reached global stardom with a full coverage piece in the New York Times, Marcus Rand gave a raw (all puns intended) look at a day in the life and the come-up that was and has been the Yawgoons. This crew made it, snowboarding on a slope that Marcus claims to be the size of a Superpark jump landing. We aren’t fact checking, but dream big kids, because that’s a fucking tale. If you can’t clearly see why the Yawgoons are one of the most important happenings in snowboarding in the last decade, kindly unstrap your board, walk over to the poor soul trying to ski, and swap equipment. You don’t deserve snowboarding, we’d rather have Jerry.

Adam Nicks – Somewhere in the Midwest

I was in my senior year of business school during the snowboard season of 2017 so I barely kept up with what was going on, but here’s my one highlight!

1) Halldor Helgason Rips a chandelier out of the ceiling of a Mammoth Bar after winning Superpark’s Superstand out award!

He then preceded to drag the chandelier outside in order to hang it in a tree. In fact, I personally tried to help him get it into the tree because I thought it was funny but the cops did not and they confiscated the chandelier from us. We then decided to say fuck this bar and head to Lakanuki. You can only imagine the scene of 200 plus semi-drunk and angry snowboarders getting kicked out of/ leaving the first bar, only to all charge the next bar, which was located up a flight of stairs. You could say it was a mad dash to get there but we all made it and the party continued.
Here’s a blurry screen shot of Haldor getting beer dumped on him after winning super stand out, you’ll have to find the video yourself to see the chandelier get pulled down. Link us in the comments if you do!

A-Man, Not technically an Intern, Seattle WA

I’m not really into calendars, man. Time is not my master. Everything is everything. But I rode a ton in 2017, and I remember some shit:

1. Matty Takes it to the Bottom
My most memorable snowboard event of 2017 actually happened on the first day of the year. I’ll save you a google search: that’s January 1st. The crew took an old friend up for his first real splitboard day, and he was struggling–until the final run. After a morning of getting pushed around, he turned his brain off and just rode his damn board. The stoke was so strong we named the run after him:

2. I Actually Watched Some Snowboard Movies

Free made me want to ride:

The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding made me wish I had something to do with it. It is perfect:

3. And the big guys all decided on cowboy narrators.

That’s it. Hope to ride with you in 2018.

Adam Foster, Aspen Colorado via Mt. Hood

I’m just now realizing how burnt out I am right now from the Holiday season.  This is about all I can come up with at the moment.  That and that I don’t pay much attention to most of the shred world.

Summer Solstice Shred Party Mt. Hood

It’s not often you have to hike up a mountain to go to a party.  Every year that’s just what people do for Summer Solstice at Illumination Rock on Mt. Hood.  Its one of the best parties I’ve been to on snow and that I hikes 2500′ to get to it made it that much better.
Hood summer

Not Adam, not even snowboarding. Photo: Geery

Shredding Timberline all summer is a unique experience.  Where else can you spend 3 months riding shirtless and feel comfortable? Between the public park and wide open glacier, you literally can’t get any better for Summer Shred.

Leg, Portland Oregon

LEG is a man of few words, so he just sent us a list of links. This should about cover the rest of it.

  1. Torsten retires

2. R.I.P Ike garst (first dude to let snowboarders on lift)

3.  High Cascade IS still in business.

4. RIP Camp of Champions

5. Street Jeremy Jones and Mark McMorris injured in the backcountry

6. Brolin Mawejje’s Olympic Dreams sidelined by medical condition