OPC: The 2017/18 Park Edits Have Begun!


The Other Guys: Nitro Opening Day

Have you missed the filming and editing of Yawgoo Valley’s “Other Guys?” Well then get hyped, because the camera man in charge Hans Stuting sent this video with a note they’re atarting to stack some footage in RI, as Yawgoo just opened. “The Other Guys are reforming for a come back so stay tuned…”

Rider : Casey Willax – @Casey_Willax
Filmer : Hans Stuting @hams_stuting


An Afternoon in Big Boulder Park

Mark Gama is recovered from Cancer and ripping with friends, while Pennsylavania enjoys it’s longest, deepest winter… ever? Looks like business as usual at Big Boulder park to us though!

Riders: Wes Heffernan, LJ Henriquez & Mark Gama


Powsurf Chronicles 14: Ankle Biters

Will 2018  be the year that Pow Surfers and Snow Skaters join forces to create a new, more perfect union of riding unstrapped? Or will a new war break out between the strapped and unstrapped? Or is this video just going to make you jealous and wanna ride pow!? Only one way to find out… click that play button n0w.

Shot, Edited, & Produced by Jeremy Jensen
Riders: Jeremy Jensen & Chris Pierre


Red Ramp: A Sun Peaks Platter

We probably shouldn’t post this one because it could definitely be better and the silent treatment might get that point across better, but fuck it. Canadians are awesome and gee whiz, these guys are really going for it! And we think by the end of this season, they’ll be locking into those tricks right – and leaving the b shit on the cutting room floor. Go get em, champs!

Riders: Aiden Hryciw, Corey David Kowalski, Mathew Wanbon, Tommy Van, Teilhard Volk and Brayden


Human on Board: Pre-Historic : Episode 1, Vol 4

What what snowboarding like before history started to record it? Ok, trick question – snowboard media has existed as long as snowboarding! Besides, the pre- in this title refers to the time before the season actually started still makes no sense! While we’re posing questions that that need no answers – should you watch the latest edit from the crew at Troll? DUH. You know it’s good.

Film/Edit: Robbie Weides @bobby_lightspleef
Trollhaugen’s humans on boards: Jeffy Garbick | Jake Antisdel | Adam Kaye | Logan Herber | Sam Schiltgen | Mike Skiba | Emit Salokar | Ben McCabe | Tony Wagner | Jake Aldridge
Music: Deadly Valentine by Charlotte Gainsbourg | Interdiction by Black Marble | Dark Allies by Light Asylum