The People’s Champ: Sam Anderson

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The People have spoken and Mr. Sam Anderson is officially the first victor of the 2017/18 Peoople’s Court season! It was nearly a hung jury, between Mr. Anderson and Canadian Connor Palahicky, but since Connor gets free health care for life, the judges decided to give this one to Sam…

So who is he? Mr. Anderson resides in Cross Plains, Wisconsin, where he’s been known to rip Tyrone’s Basement (better known as: Tyrol Basin) on the regular. Of his 19 years on earth, he’s spent 14 of them riding a snowboard and in the last season managed to rip around the US and even score a coveted Superpark invite thanks to the goodwill of Jesse Burtner at Lib Tech. He currently rides for SoGnar, Lib-Tech, ThirtyTwo, Royal Racks, SandBox Helmets and Focus Boardshop, and when asked why he chooses to match bright red with patterns, he simply replied, “Why not!?”

And now, here are Sam’s real opinions on 10 highly relevant topics:

Fried Fish

Love: it on Fridays
Hate: it every other day.

Pat Milbery

That dude has done so much shit for me, nothing but love for him. I will say this, hate it when he stays at the bar 3 hours longer than planned when the crew’s trying to get some sleep.


Love: that they keep my head intact.
Hate: when they aren’t SandBox.

Sam Anderson

Sam’s got all the angles covered. p. @haveycity

The Color Red

I have a lovehate relationship with red.


Love Alex HaVey and his filming

Green Bay Packers

Love: when Aaron Rodgers plays
Hate: when Brett Hudley does.

Sam Anderson tyrol

Earning those recommendations from Burtner.


Having a common name

It’s basic, but I get a lot of weird nicknames so it’s chill. (eg: Crack Head Sam)

Riding alongside Pros

Love watching them ride.
Hate fucking up in front of them.

Being from the Midwest

Love it when there’s snow
Hate it when it’s 33 and raining.

Tyrol Basin

Nothing can beat the Basin, nothing but love for that place.

Sam Anderson risking it

No risk, no Yobeat fame or glory. p. @haveycity

You can follow Sam on Instagram @sam_anderson49.

The People’s Court will return in 2018 (as soon as we get the comment log in system working properly!) If you’d like to participate for your chances at fame, likes, and Yobeat glory, please check out our submission guidelines here.

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