Tech Nerd’s Take: The 2018 Capita Defenders of Awesome

Tech Nerd - Capita 2018 DOA

Tech Nerd - Capita 2018 DOA

The Capita Defenders of Awesome has won more awards than Ron Jeremy. If you don’t trust the magazines and the reviews of bloggers like myself, you’re fucking up because this board is the quiver killer of a lifetime.


Size: 156cm
Bindings: Bent Metal Logic
Shape: Camber between the feet, flat nose and tail with a touch of early rise.
Stance: 15/-15 and 23″ wide.
Rider Size: 6′ 180lbs
Test Conditions:  Ice, Parks, Touch of Pow


  • Rides all the things.
  • Readily available pop.


  • Will ruin you for other all mountain jib boards.
  • Buttery, but not the kind you can put on your pancakes.
  • Girls will want you for your snowboard.

Tech Nerd’s Take: 4-Point Review

Tech Nerd DOA ACTIONHandling:

Don’t let the buttery flex fool you, this board really does rip it all. Whether it’s getting through a mogul field to find a powder stash, carving the ice to outrun the gapers, or ripping the trees, there isn’t anything this board can’t do.


For as soft a board as the DOA is, it still creates a lot of energy.  What this means for you is an easier riding board that can handle the whole mountain. It snaps off of wind lips with ease and builds speed like a cheetah.  All without wearing you out.


The nose and tail of this board are buttery soft with a stiffer middle thanks to the Camber profile.  If you want to butter, you have but to think about it. Locking into rails is effortless as the camber to the buttery soft tip and tail let’s it wrap around a hand rail just enough.


This will be my daily driver this winter out of a seven board quiver. It does everything and it does it well.   Whether you want to rail carves on a softer board or ride park, the DOA rips.