Block Plant! – The 2017 Dark Park Season Opener

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The Darkside Homies

Words and photos: Mike Garceau

GNU, Crab Grab, and Darkside Snowboards joined forces over the weekend of December 15-16, for the Dark Park season kickoff: the 2017 Block Plant. Registration was free to all who came out for this awesome free-form contest, and cold hard cash and much-needed traction pads were given to the riders putting down the best footplants, tail blocks, nose blocks, and other creative snow-sliding maneuvers.

Killington, VT saw heavy snowfall in the week leading up, lending itself to perfect conditions for the Dark Park build out. The classics were all there, with a few fresh features worthy of all the blocks and plants your cold, black heart could possibly desire. Gas tanks, stumps, plastic skate ramps…

Let the tom-foolery commence.

A solid crew of riders from across the state ready to get weird in the Dark Park.

Jake Fournier

Jake Fournier, karate kicking his way to the ‘Best Overall’ award on the day.

Dual agenda for LJ Twombly, checking in on the double-overhead surf report…

LJ Twombly

…just before taking the crown as Snowskate KING.

As the afternoon rolled on and the snowfall slowed, the riders really began to lay it down. The “award recognition committee” (made up of some OG Darkside folk), were closing in on their final picks and making it clear that going full send would have to be recognized. The highlights of the afternoon: huge sends to flat, backies and one-footers!

Joey Leon-BlockPlant

Joey Leon tapped out his block & plant trick bag, so, backie-to-flat for the boys!

Jake Fournier-Block Plant

Jake Fournier with the exclamation point on his top honor for the day.

The moral of the story feels a lot like a Kevin Costner baseball movie: if you build it, they will come. So a huge shout out to Darkside Snowboards for continuously taking it one step further to support the local snowboard community, and of course to GNU and Crab Grab for the the awesome event!

The Darkside Homies

The most important part of the day, everyone involved! Good on ya for supporting your local events!

Official Awards

Best Overall – Jake Fournier

Best Block – Joey Leon

Best Plant – John Garoutte

Best Bail – Alex Schoff

Snowskate King – LJ Twombly