Featuring Elio Fumagalli, Lou Staub, Florian Fischer, David Djite, Dario Burch, Jeron Lohner, Joel Staub, Adrian Oesch, Gregor Betschon, Max Wettstein & Florian Arnold.

A film by Mathias Wittwer with illustrations by Nico Yang.

Produced by Mindset Prdctns.

YOBETA: Kupio, Finland

Florian Fisher. Photo MindsetPrdctns

A Love Like Mine is Hard To Find chronicles a crew’s journey from Swiss Germany into the depths of Finland in search of one thing – snowboard spots. Finland, you see, is full of streets, rails and snow, and Kuopio has become somewhat of a magnet city for film crews over the years.  And because international travel is defintely the best way you can spend your time/money, we tapped into the brain space of Mindset Prdctns mastermind Mathias Wittwer to find out the straight dirt on how they made the most of their two-week stay in Scandinavia.


Hesburger! Event though it is a fast food chain they make some real good burgers.


Smirnoff Ice because they just got iced by someone. But I’d recommend going for the Karu Nr. 3. Again, best bang for your buck.


Go for a rather small Airbnb and buy some air matresses. Best bang for your buck for sure.

Get Laid: 

Not going to mention any names,  but I’ve heard Tinder works just fine.


There are some student parties and bars around. But most of our nights in Kuopio were spent filming follow lines or resting for the next day. The way to go when you only got two weeks to film.

Local Knowledge:

Talk to the locals in case you get kicked out. Often they will let you do what you want once you explain what’s going on. And hit up Veikka or other guys from the Labyrinth Crew if you need guides for the city!