We’re happy to report, the snowboard crew video was alive and well in 2017. Through global turmoil, crazy political drama and economic ups and downs, the kids went snowboarding. They pointed cameras at each other, landed tricks, messed with normies, and generally had a blast. Here’s six versions of the season from all around the world we think you’ll enjoy. And if you wanna comment, you can and should say anything you want – now that you have to log in and be accountable, we’re giving you back all the freedom of speech you want! Love – Yobeat

Alday: The Last Supper

In Utah, the scene is crazy, the terrain is insane, and your chance of getting a sunny pow day is probably the highest in Americaland. Believe it of not, Alday is “just another snowboard crew” in a crowded world or pros and bros, but we think if you have an extra 19 minutes today, you’ll be shocked, awed and maybe motivated to plan your trip to the Wasatch mountains sooner, rather than later.

Featuring the riding of Andrew Tassell, Ryan Flaska, Sam Klein, Bryan B Train Winch, Will Stellar, Johny Hancheck, Everett Simmons, Greg Miller, Javan Padilla, and Brian Broderick.

Produced, filmed and edited by Alden Dow.

French Fragrance: Maybe Next Year

En la France part deux Canadia, you don’t just throw every clip you have in a time line. You don’t let a sloppy landing slide, and you definitely don’t share your food in a restaurant. But don’t let all those rules dissuade you from going there – because all this particularily leads to quality over quantity and this 3-minute edit from the French Fragrance crew is proof.

Riders (in order of appearance) : 

Marjorie Couturier
Jo Mo
Philippe Carpentier
Antoine Dufresne-Fortin
Pierrot Scafidi
Ulysse Dubé Burelle
Alexis BG
David Tourigny
Seb Picard
Lenny Rawlinson
Gauvain Beaudry-Sarrazin
Francis Bélanger

Filmed by Ulysse Dubé Burelle & Xavier Bossé
Edited by Ulysse Dubé burelle
Additionnal filming: Mikeal Scremin & Julien Choinière

Rusty Toothbrush: Duty Free Corruption

Download the full movie FOR FREE HERE.

Friends are good to have, because they often push you beyond your limits and you never know what might happen. Over the 2017/18 season, the asshats from Rusty Toothbrush traveled the world torturing and/or amusing all in their wake. From gatecrashing SuperPark in America, to torturing some innocent blokes in Australia for a coupla bucks, they successfully endured ice cold bucket showers in the Himalayas, and finally topped it off with bathrobe grocery shopping in Andorra.

This 35 minute film shows the often contrasting lifestyles we lead and the eclectic ways we approach snowboarding, each ‘corrupt’ in their own fucked up way.

“FREEdom” has been snowboardings motto since its birth in 1965 and we think its time for some tax cuts…

MUSIC: Rationale – Fuel To The Fire (The White Panda Remix)

LOCATION: Gulmarg – India, California – USA, Soldeau – Andorra

FEATURING: Peppino Stewart @peppinostewart, Tyler Chorlton @tylerchorlton, JJ Rayward @_slipperygypsey, Lou Macias @kongfulou, Victor Loron @vicloron, Mahi Mains @mahi_mains_mane, Jack Errichiello @jackerrichiello PRODUCED: Brad Smith @brad.smithy, Alex Stewart, Troy Tanner @goodbuddynz, Francesco Zoppei @francescozoppei, Will Linstead @wlinstead

292 | 6th

No budget, no rules! Money is great, but it leads to unneccesary #hashtagging and way too many @replies. This 292 crew just throw caution to the wind and said FUCK IT ALL to bring you its 6th efford straight from the Nord.

Featuring: Aapo Enqvist, Smokki, Anton Kiiski, Nooa Risku, Ville Mustonen, Riko Rinnekangas, Mr Brown, Joel Ahola and Rene Rinnekangas

Short film by: Anton Kiiski
Filmed by: Tuukka Korhonen, Anton Kiiski, and 292crew
Additional filming: Ville Mäkäräinen, Anton Stennabb & Labyrinth crew!


All hail the Mixtape. If you missed it on the mainpage – watch it here now!


I’ve Come Undone

And finally, lets bring things back to Americaland, where Nathan Kudlas and his friends in  Grand Rapids had a nice, hard working, wholesome midwestern season and bring you this short flick as the proof. And BONUS: they named the songs so you don’t even have to ask.


Harrison McIlhargey and Nathan Kudla: Dido- Hunter
Harrison McIlhargey, Sam Schowalter, and Sam Ralston: Dave Brubeck- Take Five
Micah Sienkowski, Ian Ogdahl, and Sam Schowalter: Laurie Anderson- Sharkey’s Day
Brett Kulas: ThouxanbandFauni- Show an tell

Photo by Micah Sienkowski
Filmed by Nathan Kudla and Micah Sienkowski
Additional filming: Harrison McIlhargey and Sam Schowalter
Edited by Nathan Kudla