Mrs. Fancy Rutherford has a pedigree many snowboarders lack. She’s a positive spirit with manners and grace, and oh yeah, she’s a married woman too! But don’t let her daytime masquerade as a proper lady fool you – she’s a beast on the streets and this is her full part from Too Hard’s Yas Quain. Wanna know more? Scroll down!

Being named Fancy

Love: that my mom chose to name me something awesome!
Hate: when people start singing that Iggy azalea song

Trimming weed

Love: the money
Hate: sitting in a chair

Kings beach

Love: Our neighbors, the community and and the lake, our friends and family
Hate: tourists

Mind the fence. Photo: Kieth Rutherford


Love: one of my favorite places on earth, Boreal plus Woodward! Lovin the new solar panels. Friends and good vibes!
Hate: That my dogs can’t ride the chairlift with me!

Hitting the streetz

Love: Using your eye creatively, overcoming fears and the teamwork that goes into it.
Hate: getting kicked out of spots.

Filming with all girls

Love: the girls!
Hate: the girls. Just kidding only down side of filming with girls is sometimes we need boys to help pull bungee or move something heavy.


Love: the feeling, it’s so magical and free
Hate: That’s there is no pow in an 8 hour drive of me right now, damn this high pressure!

The snowboard Industry

Love: Gotta love it, without the industry there would be no snowboarding and that is what make me happiest.
Hate: That it is usually not about snowboarding.


Love: The good people, the monkeys, and the best snow on earth.
Hate: Driving on the wrong side of the road and it’s so far away.

Married life

Love: My husband
Hate: That he has at least 9 other girlfriends at any given time and is always chasing around some girl with a camera in his hand!

Fishin for likes. Photo: Kieth Rutherford