Holy crap! Our new website is so awesome and easy to update we’re gonna post all these 2017 Breckenridge Dew Tour results just incase anyone wants to read them. We also had a team on the ground capturing moments at practice and qualifiers, so enjoy some photos from David and Don. For sake of editorial integrity, here is the insider info they sent as well!

Adverse weather conditions was really the theme both days…from snow showers to blue skies and variable wind.  It was a little tough getting shots of all the folks in that press release as more or less every other photographer was doing the same thing and Jamie had her chase cam every where she went, it was next to impossible to get a clean shot of her.

If you’re patiently away finals results, well, you should get out more (or just watch the livecast here.) Otherwise check back next week for the full report from our crack team of snowboard journalists!


December 14, 2017 (Breckenridge, Colo.)—With a solid six inches of snow reported overnight, light flakes continued to fall throughout the morning on day two of the Dew Tour presented by Mountain Dew® and TEN: The Enthusiast Network. Snowboard Superpipe and Ski Slopestyle Qualifiers got underway today at Breckenridge Ski Resort with athletes from both disciplines going for their shot in the finals this Friday and Saturday. Being a U.S. Ski & Snowboard Olympic qualifying event made today’s competition more important than ever for those hoping for a shot to represent their country this coming February.
The day began with 23 riders being cut to 12 during Snowboard Men’s Superpipe Qualifiers. Ben Ferguson (USA) had the best run of the day scoring an 83.33 and heading into tomorrow’s finals in the top position. Close behind was Jake Pates (USA) with an 81.66 and Ben’s brother, Gabe Ferguson (USA), with a 78.33.
It was then onto Ski Men’s Slopestyle Qualifiers where Nick Goepper (USA) stomped the most solid run out of the 23 skiers, scoring a 90.33 to finish in the lead spot. Evan McEachran (CAN) came in a few points behind with an 88.33 and Colby Stevenson (USA) next with an 86.33. The top twelve men’s skiers from today move on to Saturday’sfinals.
During Snowboard Women’s Superpipe Qualifiers Chloe Kim’s (USA) stellar focus paid off coming in ahead of the other 18 riders in the field with an impressive 93.33. Maddie Mastro (USA) stomped a solid run as well with a 91.66 and Kelly Clark (USA) respectfully next with an 89.00. Tomorrow’s finals will see the top eight riders compete from today’s qualifications.
Due to winds this afternoon, Ski Women’s Slopestyle Qualifiers have been postponed to tomorrowFriday, December 15 at 1:30 p.m. The format will remain the same with all skiers getting two runs and the top eight of the 21 competitors moving on to Saturday’s finals.
Snowboard Men’s Superpipe Qualifiers Results
1. Ben Ferguson, USA, 83.33
2. Jake Pates, USA, 81.66
3. Gabe Ferguson, USA, 78.33
4. Scotty James, AUS, 76.33
5. Iouri Podladtchikov, SUI, 73.66
6. Ayumu Hirano, JPN, 73.00
7. Greg Bretz, USA, 72.00
8. Chase Josey, USA, 65.00
9. Danny Davis, USA, 63.33
10. Markus Malin, FIN, 60.00
11. Jan Scherrer, SUI, 53.33
12. Ryan Wachendorfer, USA, 50.00
Snowboard Women’s Superpipe Qualifiers Results
1. Chloe Kim, USA, 93.33
2. Maddie Mastro, USA, 91.66
3. Kelly Clark, USA, 89.00
4. Elena Hight, USA, 88.33
5. Mirabelle Thovex, FRA, 87.00
6. Queralt Castellet, SPA, 86.00
7. Arielle Gold, USA 78.00 85.66 85.66
8. Hannah Teter, USA, 85.00
Ski Men’s Slopestyle Qualifiers Results
1. Nick Goepper, USA, 90.33
2. Evan McEachran, CAN, 88.33
3. Colby Stevenson, USA, 86.33
4. Henrik Harlaut, SWE, 85.66
5. Mcrae Williams, USA, 84.66
6. Antoine Adelisse, FRA, 84.33
7. James Woods, GBR, 84.00
8. Cody Laplante, USA 83.33
9. Oystein Braaten, NOR, 83.00
10. Gus Kenworthy, USA, 81.00
11. Alex Hall, USA, 80.66
12. Bobby Brown, USA, 80.50


December 13, 2017 (Breckenridge, Colo.)— Today marked the start to an exciting week ahead in the idyllic town of Breckenridge on the first day of the 2017 Winter Dew Tour presented by Mountain Dew® and TEN: The Enthusiast Network. With a chill in the air and light clouds overhead, professional skiers and snowboarders from around the globe kicked off the event on the superpipe and slopestyle courses, hoping to solidify a spot in the finals for later this week. This year’s Dew Tour at Breckenridge Ski Resort is an Olympic qualifying event for U.S. free skiing and snowboarding, as well as for Canadian snowboard slopestyle.
During Snowboard Men’s Slopestyle Qualifiers, the field of 27 was cut to 12 with Stale Sandbech (NOR), coming in almost ten points ahead of any other riders, with a 90.33. Red Gerard (USA) took the number two spot with an 80.66 on his best of two runs and Mons Roisland (NOR) in third, scoring a 78.33.
Twenty-four skiers were also cut to 12 during Men’s Superpipe Qualifiers later in the morning. David Wise (USA) came out strong with two of the highest scoring runs of the day, notably a 93.33 point run, which ended him in the top position going into Friday’s final. Alexander Ferreira (USA) ended with a 89.66 and Torin Yater-Wallace (USA) 88.33 making a clean U.S. sweep.
It was then onto Snowboard Women’s Slopestyle Qualifiers with 22 ladies being cut to eight, vying for their spot in Saturday’s final. Jamie Anderson (USA) took top honors in her discipline scoring a 90.00. Spencer O’Brien (CAN) came in close behind with an 86.66 and Hailey Langland (USA) just behind with an 84.00.
Ski Women’s Superpipe Qualifiers closed out the day with Cassie Sharpe (CAN) scoring an 88.33 for the top spot out of the 21 total competitors. Marie Martinod (FRA) secured one of eight spots in Saturday’s final with an 86.33 and Brita Sigourney (USA) ended in third with an 85.33.
Snowboard Men’s Slopestyle Qualifiers Results
1. Stale Sandbech, NOR, 90.33
2. Red Gerard, USA, 80.66
3. Mons Roisland, NOR, 78.33
4. Brock Crouch, USA, 76.66
5. Judd Henkes, USA, 74.33
6. Emil Ulsletten, NOR, 73.33
7. Tyler Nicholson, CAN, 72.66
8. Max Parrot, CAN, 72.33
9. Darcy Sharpe, CAN, 71.33
10. Chris Corning, USA, 71.00
11. Nicholas Baden, USA, 70.66
12. Mark McMorris, CAN, 68.33
Snowboard Women’s Slopestyle Qualifiers Results
1. Jamie Anderson, USA, 90.00
2. Spencer O’Brien, CAN, 86.66
3. Hailey Langland, USA, 84.00
4. Enni  Rukajarvi, FIN, 81.66
5. Julia Marino, USA, 78.00
6. Silje Norendal, NOR, 76.33
7. Laurie Blouin, CAN, 72.33
8. Sina Candrian, SUI, 70.33
Ski Men’s Superpipe Qualifiers Results
1. David Wise, USA, 93.33
2. Alexander Ferreira, USA, 89.66
3. Torin Yater-Wallace, USA, 88.33
4. Birk Irving, USA, 87.33
5. Gus Kenworthy, USA, 85.33
6.  Aaron Blunck, USA, 84.00
7. Kevin Rolland, FRA, 83.66
8. Noah Bowman, CAN 83.00
9. Miguel Porteus, NZL, 82.66
10. Kyle Smaine, USA, 82.33
11. Mike Riddle, CAN, 82.00
12. Taylor Seaton, USA, 81.33
Ski Women’s Superpipe Qualifiers Results
1. Cassie Sharpe, CAN, 88.33
2. Marie Martinod, FRA, 86.33
3. Brita Sigourney, USA, 85.33
4. Devin Logan, USA, 83.66
5. Maddie Bowman, USA, 81.00
6. Sabrina Cakmakli, GER, 80.00
7. Annalisa Drew, USA, 78.33
8. Carly Margulies, USA, 76.00


Under clear, beautiful skies, day three of competition at the the Dew Tour presented by Mountain Dew® and TEN: The Enthusiast Network went off without a hitch at Breckenridge Ski Resort. Today, the Superpipe competition took center stage with some of the best skiers and snowboarders in the world going for the win at this U.S. Ski & Snowboard Olympic qualifying event.
The day kicked off with 12 finalists during Men’s Ski Superpipe Finals. The skiers took to the massive 22-foot Superpipe upping the ante during each pass of the three-run format. While he was already sitting pretty on the podium heading into his final run, Aspen local Alexander Ferreira (USA) decided to step it up even more with a right double 1260 mute, left double 1080 safety, switch right 720 Japan, left double 1260 mute and double 900 Japan, scoring him an impressive 94.66 and the Dew Tour title.
“My Dad is always telling me not to give up and that’s what I kept telling myself,” said Ferreira. “I’ve been working on that run for two years and to be able to put it down—I just wanted to land it so bad. It’s best day of my life and I’m just happy.”
Aaron Blunck (USA) out of Crested Butte also had a stellar day, scoring a 93.33 on his second run—enough to land him second on the podium. Kevin Rolland (FRA), who always brings his A-game, also had a great event ending with a 92.00 in third place.
The women showcased their incredible technical talents in the Women’s Ski Superpipe finals with Cassie Sharpe (CAN), taking the win, after coming into today’s competition as the first place qualifier. The judges scored her a 93.66 with a run consisting of a right cork 900, left flair tindy, right 360 safety, switch right 360 mute, straight air truck, left cork 900 tail and right flair tindy.
“Watching the boys and seeing them boosting fired me up to follow them and go big,” said Sharpe. “I didn’t really change anything in my run from the other day, but cleaning it up and taking it bigger and it worked out great for me.”
Marie Martinod (FRA) finished in second place with a solid 92.00 and the 2014 Olympic gold medalist, Maddie Bowman (USA), scored a 90.33 which landed her in third.
The afternoon saw the heavyweights in snowboarding during Men’s Superpipe Finals with Vail local, Jake Pates (USA) making an impressive comeback on his third and final run, scoring a 97.33. Pates’ run consisted of a double Michalchuck indy, frontside double cork 1080 indy, cab double cork 1080 mute, frontside 900 tail, backside double cork 1260 tail (also referring to it as double McTwist), narrowly surpassing Scotty James’ (AUS) score of 96.00 who finished in second place. Winning today put Pates in the running for the U.S. Olympic Team, which he had a hard time putting into words.
“It’s so surreal right now,” said Pates. “I was at the top of the pipe on my last run, slide over the fence, took a deep breath and dropped in—then all of a sudden I was at the bottom. I kind of blanked out during the whole thing. It was insane and I was like ‘what just happened?’”
Closing out the field on his final run as well was Olympic favorite, Ben Ferguson (USA), who was last to drop and ended up pushing Ayumu Hirano off the podium by one point, with a 92.00.
Women’s Snowboard Superpipe finals saw an incredible group of eight riders going for their shot at the Dew Tour Title—and for the U.S. contenders, a solid ranking in the Olympic qualifying event. One of the most consistent (and happiest) riders, Chloe Kim (USA), was the only one to officially secure a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team with her first place win today. Her first run score of a 93.00 was more than enough to hold her through the event, with highlights that included a method backside air, frontside 1080 tail, Cab 720 mute, frontside 540 melon and McTwist indy.
“It hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m going to the Olympics,” said Kim. “It seems like a dream and I’m just trying to wake up. I’m so excited and when I get home today and it starts to sink, in I’m probably going to cry.”
After taking a fall on the deck of the halfpipe in her second run, Kelly Clark (USA), did not pull back the throttle on her final stomping a solid run in true Clark fashion, scoring her a 90.00 and a second place finish. Colorado favorite Arielle Gold (USA) came in behind the pack with a 87.00, enough for a third place win.
For the first time in Dew Tour history the men’s and women’s World Para Snowboard (WPSB) sanctioned Nor Am snowboarding competition took place earlier today. The WPSB event presented by Toyota in partnership with World Para Snowboard, Adaptive Action Sports and the U.S. Paralympic Association showcased 11 women and 31 men on the banked slalom course.
The best time in the women’s field today was Lisa Bunschoten (NED) with a 1:14.65 time and Evan Strong (USA) with a best time of 1:06.74.
“Being able to have our sport showcased in an arena like Dew Tour gets the message out about what these athletes are capable of and really delivers a message to everybody about what we’re all capable of,” said Adaptive Action Sports Executive Director, Daniel Gale.
The Women’s Ski Slopestyle Qualifiers got a second shot this afternoon and 21 ladies gave it their all for a chance at one of eight spots for tomorrow’s finals. Tess Ledeux (FRA) secured first position with an 93.33 on her second run. Isabel Atkin (GBR) followed with an 87.33 and Sarah Hoefflin (SUI) just a few points behind with an 85.33.
Snowboard Men’s Superpipe Finals Results
1. Jake Pates, USA, 97.33
2. Scotty James, AUS, 96.00
3. Ben Ferguson, USA, 92.00
4. Ayumu Hirano, JPN, 91.00
5. Iouri Podladthcikov, SUI, 87.33
6. Danny Davis, USA, 83.33
7. Chase Josey, USA, 82.66
8. Gabe Ferguson, USA, 77.66
9. Greg Bretz, USA, 77.00
10. Jan Scherrer, SUI, 60.00
11. Markus Malin, FIN, 50.00
12. Ryan Wachendorfer, USA, 31.66
Snowboard Women’s Superpipe Finals Results
1. Chloe Kim, USA, 93.00
2. Kelly Clark, USA, 90.00
3. Arielle Gold, USA, 87.00
4. Maddie Mastro, USA, 84.33
5. Hannah Teter, USA, 80.00
6. Mirabelle Thovex, FRA, 74.00
7. Queralt Castellet, SPA, 72.00
8. Elena Hight, USA, 59.66
Snowboard Women’s Banked Slalom Adaptive Final Results
*Lower Limb 2 Imp. Winner
Lisa Bunschoten, NED, 1:14.65
*Lower Limb 1 Imp. Winner
Brenna Huckaby, USA, 1:15.24
*Upper Limb Imp. Winner
Peggy Martin, USA, 1:31.66
Snowboard Men’s Banked Slalom Adaptive Final Results
*Lower Limb 2 Imp. Winner
Evan Strong, USA, 1:06.74
*Lower Limb 1 Imp. Winner
Noah Elliott, USA, 1:08.94
*Upper Limb Imp. Winner
Michael Minor, USA, 1:09.94
Ski Men’s Superpipe Finals
1. Alexander Ferreira, USA, 94.66
2. Aaron Blunck, USA, 93.33
3. Kevin Rolland, FRA, 92.00
4. Torin Yater-Wallace, USA, 91.33
5. Noah Bowman, CAN, 90.66
6. Miguel Porteus, NZL, 84.33
7. Mike Riddle, CAN, 83.00
8. Taylor Seaton, USA, 79.33
9. Kyle Smaine, USA, 77.33
10. David Wise, USA, 75.66
11. Gus Kenworthy, USA, 23.66
12. Birk Irving, USA, 4.66
Ski Women’s Superpipe Finals
1. Cassie Sharpe, CAN, 93.66
2. Marie Martinod, FRA, 92.00
3. Maddie Bowman, USA, 90.33
4. Devin Logan, USA, 83.66
5. Sabrina Cakamakli, GER, 82.00
6. Brita Sigourney, USA, 73.00
7. Carly Margulies, USA, 40.00
8. Annalisa Drew, USA, 23.00
Ski Women’s Slopestyle Qualifiers Results
1. Tess Ledeux, FRA, 93.33
2. Isabel Atkin, GBR, 87.33
3. Sarah Hoefflin, SUI, 85.33
4. Johanne Killi, NOR, 84.66
5. Dara Howell, CAN, 83.66
6. Maggie Voisin, USA, 81.33
7. Darian Stevens, USA, 79.66
8. Devin Logan, USA, 73.33

December 16, 2017 (Breckenridge, Colo.)—Day four was action-packed for the Ski and Snowboard Slopestyle Finals at the Dew Tour presented by Mountain Dew® and TEN: The Enthusiast Network. With solid conditions and temps in the high 30s at Breckenridge Ski Resort, 40 of the best ski and snowboard slopestyle athletes put on a show for the crowd and gave it their all today for a shot at a coveted Dew Tour title. Since this year’s slopestyle event counts as an Olympic qualifier for the U.S. and Canadian athletes (snowboard only for Canada), the competition was more exciting than ever with all athletes pushing the envelope.

The morning started off with Snowboard Women’s Slopestyle Finals, with eight riders getting three runs on the pristine Snow Park Tech designed course. Spencer O’Brien (CAN) was going huge and riding so well, stomping a beautiful second run consisting of a gap backside lipslide, 50-50 to noseslide pretzel 270 out, switch backside 360 mute, switch frontside 540 tail, 50-50 frontside 360 out, frontside 720 indy, backside 720 mute, which was enough to give her the lead with a 95.00 and the Dew Tour win.

“I’ve never been more proud to be a part of women’s snowboarding at this moment,” said O’Brien. “It’s just so inspiring. This event really lends itself to progression, with it being one of the longest slopestyle courses we compete on. It makes it fun, but more difficult at the same time, so I’m just so happy I was able to come out today and get the win.”

2014 Olympic gold medalist Jamie Anderson’s (USA) second place win officially secured her a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team for 2018. Anderson’s attempt at landing a double cork—a trick she said she has only landed a handful of times—could have potentially bumped O’Brien off of the podium, but she just couldn’t manage to hold it. Her first run score of a 93.33, however, was more than enough to get her second. Enni Rukajarvi (FIN) also had an epic day, ending on the podium in third place with a 92.00 score.

Next up was Snowboard Men’s Slopestyle Finals which couldn’t have been more unpredictable. From start to finish it was anybody’s game, but in the end it was Max Parrot (CAN) who rode away with his first Dew Tour title. His second run, consisting of a hard way 270 on, back 270 boardslide 270 out, switch backside double dork 900 mute, backside 1260 mute, switch boardslide 270 off the Toyota feature, Cab double cork 1260 indy, frontside triple cork 1440 mute impressed the judges the most, scoring him a 97.00.

“I’ve been competing at the Dew Tour for seven years and while I’ve got second and third, getting that first place spot has always been on my check list,” said Parrot who is already pre-qualified to represent the Canadian Olympic Team. “Now I can check it off, so I’m stoked on that.”

Colorado hometown hero, Chris Corning (USA), also secured his Olympic spot today with his second place finish. He was ecstatic to score a 95.00 and to be on his first Dew Tour podium. Mons Roisland (NOR) followed the pack with a 92.00.

The sun decided to come out for Ski Men’s Slopestyle Finals as did the fire from the 12 men in a heated battle until the final run. While everyone was skiing to highest level, the win officially went to Henrik Harlaut (SWE) who stomped the best run of the day consisting of a left lip bio 450 safety grab to backslide, switch left 270 continuing 270, right double 1260 safety, switch left trip 1260 high mute, backside 270, right 450 to switch, switch right bio 900 safety, left dub 1620 tindy, scoring a 95.00.

“Skiing is the very most fun thing I know to do,” said Harlaut. “As long as I do that I’m just super happy and grateful. Pressure definitely comes, but I try and look at it as a positive thing. I use the pressure to fire me up.”

Nick Goepper (USA) also got one step closer to Olympic glory this afternoon, scoring a 92.00 and taking the second place finish. Oystein Braaten (NOR) secured third with his 91.33 score.

The level of women’s skiing was also impressive today. During the Ski Women’s Slopestyle Finals, Johanne Killi (NOR), solidified a Dew Tour title with a back swap continuing 270, switch on 450 out, right 540 Japan, switch right 540 double Japan, slide to switch, switch on front swap to switch, switch left 5 Japan, left 9 tail. Her clean, practically flawless run earned her a 90.00 and the top podium spot.

“I love having a course with four jumps,” said Killi, “Because if you’re a professional freeskier, I think you should be able to ski every direction. This type of format really showcases what we’re capable of and I’m happy to be a part of this kind of progression in the sport.”

Tess Ledeux (FRA), came in just a point shy of Killi with an 89.00 for the second place win, and Sarah Hoefflin (SUI) scored 84.00 on her final run to take home third place.

Last night, under the lights of downtown Breckenridge, a massive crowd of spectators came out to watch the Ski and Snowboard Streetyle competitions. While the athletes rallied up and down the course during the jam format, in the end it was Keegan Kilbride (USA) who most impressed the judges on the ski side, with LJ Strenio (USA) coming in second and Quinn Wolferman (USA) third. Tim McChesney (USA) took best trick honors with a left 360 to 180 out to gap over the dumpster. Ozzy Henning (USA) took the win on the snowboard front, as well as best trick, with a front blunt pop over to switch 50-50. Brandon Davis (USA) took second place honors and Jesse Paul (USA) came in third.

Snowboard Women’s Slopestyle Finals Results

1. Spencer O’Brien, CAN, 95.00
2. Jamie Anderson, USA, 93.33
3. Enni Rukajarvi, FIN, 92.00
4. Hailey Langland, USA, 90.00
5. Silje Norendal, NOR, 87.66
6. Julia Marino, USA, 85.33
7. Sina Candrian, SUI, 60.66
8. Laurie Blouin, CAN, 28.00

Snowboard Men’s Slopestyle Finals Results

1. Max Parrot, CAN, 97.00
2. Chris Corning, USA, 95.00
3. Mons Roisland, NOR, 92.00
4. Red Gerard, USA, 91.00
5. Judd Henkes, USA, 87.00
6. Darcy Sharpe, CAN, 86.00
7. Brock Crouch, USA, 84.33
8. Mark McMorris, CAN, 82.33
9. Stale Sandbech, NOR, 69.33
10. Tyler Nicholson, CAN, 63.00
11. Nikolas Baden, USA, 32.33
12. Emil Ulsletten, NOR, 27.00

Snowboard Streetstyle Results

1. Ozzy Henning
2. Brandon Davis
3. Jesse Paul

Best Trick – Ozzy Henning

Ski Men’s Slopestyle Finals Results

1. Henrik Harlaut, SWE, 95.00
2. Nick Goepper, USA, 92.00
3. Oystein Braaten, NOR, 91.33
4. Evan McEachran, CAN, 90.00
5. Alex Hall, USA, 89.66
6. Gus Kenworthy, USA, 87.66
7. James Woods, GBR, 80.00
8. Bobby Brown, USA, 77.66
9. Cody Laplante, USA, 64.66
10. Antoine Adelisse, FRA, 28.33
11. Colby Stevenson, USA, 22.33
12. Mcrae Williams, USA, 11.00

Ski Women’s Slopestyle Finals Results

1. Johanne Killi, NOR, 90.00
2. Tess Ledeux, FRA, 89.00
3. Sarah Hoefflin, SUI, 84.00
4. Maggie Voisin, USA, 83.00
5. Isabel Atkin, GBR, 81.33
6. Dara Howell, CAN, 79.33
7. Darian Stevens, USA, 72.33
8. Devin Logan, USA, 39.33

Ski Streetstyle Results

1. Keegan Kilbride
2. LJ Strenio
3. Quinn Wolferman

Best Trick – Tim McChesney

The 2017 Winter Dew Tour will serve as a U.S. Ski & Snowboard Olympic qualifying event for men’s and women’s halfpipe and slopestyle snowboarding and skiing competitions. It will also host the signature Team Challenge and Streetstyle competitions and a calendar of fan-based activities, as part of TEN and Mountain Dew’s commitment to further style and creativity in action sports. All Dew Tour competitions and fan zones both on and off-mountain are free and open to the public.