An Engine Enthusiast’s Review of Depth Perception

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Words: Anthony Scott** Photos: Iphone photo of a computer screen no thanks to Itunes. 

I tried snowboarding once. It was a weekend trip to the Black Forest in Germany. I donned my trusty pair of Levis 501s, and I’m lucky I didn’t lose a leg from frostbite! For this reason alone, I might be the last person on earth that you think should review a movie about snowboarding, but tough luck, because the whole idea behind Depth Perception is to introduce the wonderful world of snowboarding to us bystanders unaware of its greatness.

Depth Perception invites the viewer to join Austen Sweetin, Travis Rice, Robin Van Gyn and Bran Fox on an expedition in the breathtaking and beautiful snowcapped mountains of Galena in British Columbia. I didn’t even know a place like this existed and surely, if it did, I couldn’t actually afford to go there. And that’s where they lost me.

While I can understand the need to make a film bigger and better to reach a HUGE AUDIENCE, I couldn’t help but feel a little disconnected. With numerous choppers filming and far-out-of-reach locations, every scene reminded me how far away I was from being able to experience this little slice of heaven.

Travis Rice and a chimpunk thing

That being said, the film was still captivating, and had a little bit of something for everyone, snowboarder or not. Beautiful glades, mountains of endless possibilities, a beautiful sountrack by Hannah Holbrook & Kishi Bashi, and Travis Rice talking to (and occasionally) kissing chipmunks. Yes, you read that right. The humor throughout the movie helps make it clear the cast was having the best time of their lives.

But, what in Depth Perception actually made me want to go out and try snowboarding…?

Well, the artistic follow-cam shots were beyond anything I’ve seen in any snowboard film to date. Austen Sweetin zig zagging down the mountain dodging trees had me right there with him. I couldn’t help but cringe in fear while watching scenes of Bran Fox drop into a takeoff I’m sure would have taken a few million Benjamin Franklins for me to work up the nerve to even try…

…And this was the moment the light bulb shined through the murky fog in my noggin. These are legitimate pros doing what legitimate pros do –  snowboarding in paradise. So, for us small dreamers considering strapping in for the first time, the door has been open and my interest sparked but…  

Where can I see an amateur version of this film?​

extreme powder turn

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