OPC: EUROPEANS WHO SEND IT – A Cross- Continental Mash Up


When it comes to 20117/18 Media relations, cross-continental Europeans are on top of that shit and they LOVE Yobeat. We love them too, and we also love you, dear viewer. So in the interest of global snowboard relations, we’re bringing you this mash up European Snowboard Video mega post! If you wanna complain, you have to log in now, and if you wanna watch the best European videos to drop in to our inbox the past week or three, scroll down and enjoy.

Via Finland: Nihmohojki 2017

So far, our attempts at understanding the difference between Sweden and Finland have failed – so we don’t know what the title of this video means, and we’re not gonna try and figure it out.

A short snowboard video made by Emil Vikström.
Featuring Niko Liias, Allu Penttala, Jens Hietala, Jonne Niemelä, Magnus Mäki, Emil Vikström, Joakím Boldó, Perttel Kaira-Aho & Miika Lappalainen.

The Innsbruck Connection at Bear Mountain

Austrians head to Bear Mountain and do all the stuff you’d expect on an epic Cali vacation.

Jonas Schäfer, Jelle Willams, Moritz Loef, Klaus Schwarzer, David Krieger, Taddäus van Treeck, Valentin Haslbeck

Legit Full Movie – Bad Plans // THIS ORDER

This full movie comes from Norway, or as we like to call it, the Minnesota of Europe

Featuring Sigurd Lindquist, Joakím Boldó, Håvard Roald, Didric Lothe & Kristoffer Lerånd. Filmed mostly in shitty conditions in Trondheim, Norway. Except Boldós shots, they where filmed somewhere in Finland/Sweden.

Filmed by Andreas Grong, Stian Karlsen & Sigurd Vaagland.

Additional filming by Zenja Potapov, Kristoffer Fredriksson, Tommi Ollikainen, Emil Vikström, Håkon Haslum, Alexander Klerud & Kristoffer Lerånd.

YouGoFirst’s Ressurection of the Shred

This video was deemed “too weird” by the European media. And yeah sure, it takes 2 minutes to get to the snowboarding, but the fact the YouGoFirst crew got the band back together makes us purr like baby kittens.

Filmed on Kitstzsteinhorn in October 2017
Riding by Nejc Pucko, Matic Zavodnik, Vid Barić, Vid Šubic, Flo Potzl, Rok Berglez
Filmed and edited by Rok Berglez

CRAP Opener with No Names

An officially-produced unofficial crew edit, which make us laugh because there’s a part of Laax called Crap – and there’s a poop emoji for that. 

Riders (in order of appearance):

Blume, Yannick Messmer, Linus Manser, Gian Oswald, Igor Wandfluh, Mario Feltscher, Joos Caviezel, Jeron Lohner

Filmed by Blume & Mathias
Edited by Mathias


This video has some BIG TIME sponsors. We’re not gonna tag any of them, but we do think that anything with Ethan Morgan in it should love forever in Yobeat mash up post infamy. Go to Methodmag if you wanna catch the next two parts. 

Chapter 1/3: Etna, Sicily Starring:Ethan Morgan and Simon Gruber Also featuring: Marco Grigis  Cinematography: Marco Morandi Photography: Roberto Bragotto