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BY POPULAR DEMAND: Danyale Patterson’s 2017/18 Masterpiece “Yas Quain” has dropped in its entirety and HERE. IT. IS. If the Catfish  wasn’t busy stuffing his face, and still worked here, it would have been posted days ago. But he doesn’t, and our posting kitty had a lot of karaoke to sing last night, so 3,612 of you have already seen this (not to mention: everyone in RENO.)  For the rest of you baaaaaaaaaaad bitches, Danyale is an artist and you will LOVE it. 

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  1. tony
    tony says:

    tried watching this twice. Can’t finish it. the editing sucks. it’s like the most unimaginative way to edit something ever..

  2. B digi
    B digi says:

    I thought this was dope. I love snowboarding and watching cute girls ride harder than most of the little boys posting these negative comments about them makes it even better.

  3. squares
    squares says:

    There were a few really good parts, Corrine, Fancy, pretty much anyone not wearing a matching tracksuit killed it. Hmm. Interesting coincidence.

    Anyways get OFF this MAYMAY insta edit BS, DITCH the B ROLL and DITCH the FILLER and it might be worth watching AND ten minutes SHORTER

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