Anger. Pain. Sadness. The emotions are real, and snowboarding is the only thing that will set you free. If you don’t wanna cry, watch the first half of this one on mute. But if you like REAL RAW EMOTION, this is the way to experience what it’s really like for the youth of Midwestern Americaland right now, where winter is taking its SWEET. ASS. TIME. to start.

And DON’T WORRY. The scuds cheer up at about 1:30 cause they’ve still got rope tows and park boxes to enjoy in Minnesooota and “opening weekend was sick” at Spirit Mountain.


Andrew Dahl
Wyatt hotchkin
Evan Hughes
Eddie Fauth
Dylan Tillemans
Dan spooner


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  1. Dril
    Dril says:

    Where those 2018 trends ya Midwestern scum? You guys suppose to be the trend setters but yall look like sum 2015 lookin boys. Stop wasting you lives trying to get better at snowboarder and start investing in cryptocurrency so your not living in your uncle Tony’s basement eating sugar free fruit snacks for every meal ya dumbass wannabe wiggers. HAHA THESE POSERS PROBABLY WOULD HAVE VOTED 4 TRUMP IF THEY WERENT HIGH OFF THEY’RE PIXIE DUST LONG ENOUGH TO BE RESPONSIBLE AND REGISTER TO VOTE. this is exactly why I’m moving to Valdez, Alaska

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