Return of the People’s Court – The Inaugural 2017/18 Competition

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Welcome to the NEW INTERNET WORLD, where there are SOO MANY DAMN WAYS to share your content that it makes them all feel worthless (sadface). But YOU’RE NOT WORTHLESS! You, dear Yobeat reader, are a valuable member of snowboard society and damn it, we think YOU’RE SPECIAL. So, in hopes of filtering through the madness, we’re bringing back the People’s Court and here’s how it’s gonna work! You EMAIL us THE LINK to your edit for a chance to be featured. Jerm watches them and says “yes” or “no.” Our mysterious posting kitty does not actually watch them and puts five edits together in one post. You guys comment, share and bicker. And whoever we deem most worthy, based largely on our gut instincts (which are easily swayed by the polls and comments below) will get a FULL ON Yobeat feature post, including an INTERVIEW. 

****Got an edit you want featured? Scroll to to the bottom for more specific submission instructions.****

Connor Palahicky

Sam Anderson

Alexis Roland

Kyle Staiton

Aleix Calderon


You must email us the link to YOUR EDIT. “YOUR” means to are in it or you made it and agree to be featured. Don’t send it via instaglam or Facespace or tweeter or hashtagging or any other way – we get confused easily and will lose it in the matrix if it’s not EMAILED directly to (submissions at yobeat dot com).

LEGAL DISCLOSURE ******By submitting, you agree to whatever happens and we will not hunt anywhere but our inbox for videos. ***** Thank you and happy Yobeating!


EXTRA BONUS 2017/18 RULE. If your comment is deemed hateful or NOT FUNNY it will be deleted and we HATE deleting comments so please attempt to be a decent human. We LOVE you.

15 replies
    NO YAS QUAIN? says:

    Kyle Staitons arms make him look like he belongs in front of a car dealership with a fan blowing up his ass.

  2. jom
    jom says:

    Connor Palahicky easily that dude ripped and had sick backcountry trick and spot selection. Only criticism is that he put park rail tricks in the edit probably just to show he’s well rounded but messed up the fluidity of the edit. Also id rather see kyle stanton do more controlled tricks on smaller rails than look like he doesn’t know how to snowboard and go huge

  3. squares
    squares says:

    enough of this 5 ON 1 BULLSHIT bring back the FORMULAS i’m NOT watching FIVE freaking videos dont you GET THAT i DONT have TIME for THIS FUCK.

    Vote for Sam, i didn’t watch any of these

    • Slutty marv
      Slutty marv says:

      BTW I voted hate on all the edits and didn’t even watch them cause this is yobeat goddamn it, a website built on hate.

      Ps. Bring back hateline

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