YOBETA: Some Soft Impact Travel Tips For Sweden, Norway, Chile, Japan and Bulgaria!

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If our Hump Day with PJ Gustaffson last week taught us anything, it’s that Sweden is the promised land for snowboard careers. But because the Internet moves too damn fast in 2017, we’re gonna keep reminding you as often as reminders arise! Starting today (and through the end of the Internet) you can enjoy this a 12-minute long, self-produced movie entitled “Soft Impact” from Swedish-Sensation Nils Arvidsson RIGHT HERE.

The premise for the flick is as old as snowboard time:  Boy-snowboard-genius breaks arm (twice.) Mean doctors say “NO MORE MEGA BOOTERS.” Boy says “FUCK IT! I’ll just fall into powder.” Boy calls up his awesome sponsors (Rip Curl, Nitro and Vans) other extremely radical friends with travel budgets and snowboard skills  (Nate Johnstone, Markus Keller, Kareem el Rafie, Johan Rosen, Felix Engström) and they go on a bunch of dream trips across the globe meeting more friends (Ludwig Lejkner, Edwin Hed, Markus Östman, Jonas Wilhelmsson, Benny Urban, Jonas Wilhelmsson, Niklas Mattsson) along the way. They bring along the world’s best filmers (Grego Campi, Martin Campi, Pirmin Juffinger, Lowe Andersson, Niko Plakov, Johan Rosen, Kristoffer Fahlgren and Johannes Brenning) and more fun is had because falling into powder hurts less!  Then they dump a bunch of the extra footy on a harddrive and give it to Lowe Andersson to edit in his spare time. THE RESULT: A fast, fun movie to enjoy!


Click on the Images below to SEE them in their full glory and READ mini Travel Guides for each location, as told by the riders themselves.

NIls Arvidsson


Nils in Sweden Mihaj





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    The X-ray can be described as a left mid shaft humerus fracture with a medial butterfly fragment, curious if they chose a posterior or the anterior approach?

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    jesus CHRIST enough with THE BOLD EVERYTHING we’re not all completely ILLITERATE or FUCKING STUPID enough to FIGURE out HOW TO READ

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