YoBETA: Bulgaria with Kareem el Rafie

When you’re a Swede named Kareem, snowboard-logic would certainly surmise Marc Franc Montoya’s style should live on through you. And we’re soul-happy to inform you that this character is holding the yo-torch high! But there’s much more to Kareem El Rafie than meets the eye. When not rocking Organic Clothing on the streets of the world, Kareem peddles Sweden’s finest fish, beef and vegan tacos on the streets of Stockholm from LaOlita, sending positive vibes from park box to mega booter with the finest melting pot of style! AND since he lives in Sweden, his cross-cultural love of all things awesome doesn’t actually offend anyone. He joined up with the crew of Soft Impact for the Bulgaria leg of the trip, and we asked him to TELL US MORE about existing as himself in Sophia. 

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Organic Stalefish at Ski Center Kartala. Photo: Niko Plakov

What was your favorite thing to drink in Bulgaria?
Bulgarian beer is pretty dope!

Best food you ate? Grossest thing on the menu you definitely didn’t order?
Bulgarian food is suprisingly good! High quality ingredients with simple but delicious dishes! My favorite was for sure their Pumkin soup! Didn’t really remember any disasters foodwise, except maybe a bad kebab here or there…

Best technique for hooking up with a sexy member of the same or opposite sex?
Best pickup line I learned was “Kaksi Mazdka” which translates (kind of) to, “how U doing Hottie?”

Best place to stay?

Best place to stay is for sure at the “mayor of Bulgaria” Niko Plakov‘s Crib in Sofia! Best of times and homie got all the resorts in Bulgaria on lock and the streets as well!

Most useful second language?

That would probably be English or Serbian. I went with English haha

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