Rats in Russia – An Impromptu Mission to Murmansk


Words by Filipp Ananin (translated to Canadian by Sean Genovese). Photos by Egor Namaev, Filipp and Dima

Late in the Spring, Egor and I were sitting together and we had a last minute idea to go to Mumansk in the north of Russia.  No filmer, no car, no plan… just go. We bought our plane tickets, packed our boards and shovels, grabbed our camera, then were on our way.  Once we arrived we saw how much snow was there and knew it was going to be good!  We got settled in at our apartment, then decided to head out to the local park to loosen up and slide around after the long trip. 

That’s were we met Dima, a local rider who ended up showing us around. 

Little did we know, there was a great spot right next to the place we were staying. 

We started out there getting some shots, and then it was on!  Since it was just us, we had to do everything in threes; once on HD, another for the photo, and again for VHS.

There were a lot of things we had to work out along the way on this trip. 

Riding and taking turns, finding spots and exploring the town on public transit… and a lot of walking. 

We had to work for every clip.  

It was challenging… and the weather wasn’t always perfect but it was a great experience.  Now all we need to decide which city we’ll go to next!

Thanks to the people that helped make the trip happen —  Max @ Radical Distribution, DWD and FIX bindings.  Respect.

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