Win: A Year’s Worth of PJ Gustafsson’s Gear


Listen up JERKS! Instagram is where the people are so we’re giving away a bunch of gear from PJ Gustafsson’s private collection including but not limited to:

To enter: Follow us, Follow his sponsors. Follow instructions on relevant posts. READ THE INTERVIEW. Love your life. The end.

Too much of a luddite to own a smart phone and still want to win?? Write us an email (submissions at yobeat dot com) with why you deserve to win. Put GG Allin in the subject line and Nick and PJ will choose their favorite on Monday, Nov 27, 2017 **

The fine print: You don’t get to pick sizes, you’ll love what we send you. This contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world (Unless you’re going to complain about anything, then you’re not allowed to enter.) Winners will be hand selected by PJ and Nick Lipton on Monday Nov 27.
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