Hump Day Meets its Saviour Pj Gustafsson – The Hero Who Couldn’t Care Less

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I missed the way it was. Local shops and big video premieres, the Forum team, $20 lift tickets and Scotty Wittlake’s neck tats. I missed Mark Frank Montoya’s rap videos and Robot Food blowing minds. I missed everything about KidsKnow, ducking ropes and bad kid shit. I missed it so much that eventually I began to believe snowboarding was dying. But I was wrong. Just another idiot who had lost his way. But from the darkness came light. And in a single photo I found the spark of rawness to prove I was full of shit and snowboarding is forever.

Photo cred: @toomuchworld

Gimp mask, coffin board, beer in hand. I’m taking a shit and starring at Andrew Brewer’s Instagram for some reason. Who is this dude making Brewer look short and fat? My interest is spiked. But I’m cautious. My fear that this is just another dork from Tahoe is real.

I dig deeper and find my new man crush is a GG Allin loving, old-as-fuck father of three from Sweden. A man who started skating in the 80s. A dude who in 2007 straight up quit DC because he thought it was whack. A modern-day middle finger to outside influence and all things corporate. A hero who carries the eternal flame of snowboarding’s rebellious core.

PJ jumping over a river. Asshot: Louise Eberhardt

Maybe you’ve heard of him, PJ Gustafsson. He used to wear big pants, bright colors and look like all the other Scandinavian kids coming out of the mid 2000s. Maybe you even liked his part in that Croatian snowboard flick “In Love.” But maybe not, because I was deep into snowboarding and I missed this dude completely. But then Death Label blew up, and the dude that’s been riding pro for them for almost a decade started popping up around the internet.


Back in the stone age PJ was just a small Swedish kid with normal European parents. That meant no snowboarding because it was dangerous. But, Europeans tend to give up easily so in 1994 PJ got his first snowboard. An orange Sims Noah Salasnek with the skateboard graphic on the base. One, two, skip a few and it’s the middle 2000s. Europeans are flocking to America to take over everything from big jumps to massive handrails and PJ is riding with Halldor for DC Europe. But, PJ says, “Fuck it.” And becomes a heavy metal badass we could all learn from. In his own words, “I had to wear DC from head to toe. I wasn’t really into wearing that baggy, neon colored stuff. Also, it was a lot of pressure and a part of snowboarding that I don’t like. So, I quit riding for DC. I just quit and I remember having anxiety at the time since they provided me all my clothes, shoes, outerwear, boards and boots and even money to pay my rent.”

Dylan and Holly help out their bad-dad in Sälen. Photo: Louise Eberhardt

Let’s pause to recap. A kid who was on the brink of having it all threw up his hands and walked away. He defied the system and disrupted the norm. And in doing so, embodied exactly what snowboarding is supposed to be about. Doing whatever you want, because you’re free to do it. So what came next? Well, PJ went looking for a sponsor, found Death Label on the internet and as he puts it, “I wrote an email to Taka (Death Label Boss/Owner) and told him I would love to ride for Death Label. Maybe two weeks after sending my first email I had a box with five fresh 2008-2009 boards delivered to my door.” And just like that he was the first non-Japanese rider on Death Label. The company that gave Nike the middle finger and would go on to become a true underground giant.

Start writing those emails kids. Pro contracts are waiting.

Guy writes an email, signs a contract and bam, he’s pro. But unlike every other pro on earth, PJ just does whatever he wants. Google him, you won’t find much. A few photos of having fun, lots of evidence that he travels and rides in places most only dream of, but most of it is just PJ being a weird ass punk rocker with a hot fiancé and a bunch of little kids. Living the dream like it’s actually supposed to be lived. Care free, comfortable enough and filled with things that make you happy. In the winter the guy calls Sweden’s biggest ski resort home, where his family lives in a little cabin with a rail park in the backyard. And that’s where everything starts to come together. PJ is the dream because PJ put his values in check. He doesn’t want a 300k check from Burton or to be on Dancing with the Stars. He wants to snowboard, where, when and how he wants.

Pro Snowboarding doesn’t come with insurance so move to Europe to get some free healthcare.

This approach to life reminded me of my childhood hero, Scotty Wittlake. The dude who was better than everyone, gave away all his money and quit because he was sick of the pressure to perform. And that’s where it hit me, PJ is the future. Proof that no amount of money, industry bullshit or outside influence can spoil snowboarding’s core. Proof to every little weirdo who picks up a snowboard that life is what you make it. Proof to every old, fat, washed-up asshole like me that you don’t have to be an old, fat, washed-up asshole. Proof that dads can be rad. Proof, that we are the captains of our voyage through life. But I’ll shut up and let PJ lay out his philosophy for you, “One should always do whatever the fuck one wants and not give a shit about what other people think or expect of you. It’s your life and there are no rules on how you should live it. If you want something really bad just go and get it.” A statement that he followed up with, “I just want to have freedom to be me and do whatever I want, whenever I want. No boss, no office hours and no suit. I’d rather be my own boss and work with something that I have loved for basically my whole life while making very little money, than work for someone else with something that has no meaning.

And there you have it. The path to happiness. To living the dream. Life advice and proof in the pudding from a real father, pro rider and life liver. A dude who decided to be his own boss. Tattooed born 2 lose around his neck. Found a hot babe to settle down with and gets to ride a snowboard for a living. So, if you’re young, listen to the man he did it his way and it worked out. To the jaded and the old. Listen to the man. He broke free and created his own path and the sky didn’t fall. And to everyone who thinks snowboarding is supposed to be one way or another. That Nike sucks or the Olympics are bullshit. That Shaun White is or isn’t the best snowboarder ever. Just shut the fuck up, chase your dreams and apparently, get an Instagram. Or as PJ puts it,

“I hate Instagram to be honest! I think it sucks so bad. But, today it seems impossible to do what we do without an Instagram account.”

You can keep up with the man, and my new hero @pjgustafsson – and while you’re there, follow us (@yobeat) for your chance to win some of the gear he rides.*

Support the companies that support people like Pj Gustafsson. Here’s all the people that do that: Death Label Snowboards, Switchback Bindings, Vans, The UG, Modest Eyewear Co., BeerSavage, NOCCO, Arcade belts and Also, Halldor hooks him up with Atrip outerwear and other cool stuff.

PJ Gustafsson will return.

**Too much of a luddite to own a smart phone and still want to win?? Write us an email (submissions at yobeat dot com) with why you deserve to win PJ’s limited pro model Death Label snowboard. Include your mailing address and put GG Allin in the subject line and Nick and PJ will choose their favorite. 

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  1. fo real
    fo real says:

    it seems like nicks greatest ambition is to pop some e, unzip PJ’s pants, and give him 69 hours of pure, unadulterated oral sex until PJ’s throbbing member explodes in his mouth with a mixture of blood and semen


    Because one swedish dude does it, snowboarding is “forever”? Give me a break! You’re getting called out by ski patrol and still standing in the same lift line as the five year old kid next to you. Sounds like freedom to me. Criticize the guy who takes a 300k check from burton when you’re sitting on the street corner in front of wal mart begging because you became homeless after you could no longer afford your crazy pills due since you were born in the USA and not Sweden. Don’t quit your job kids, “I can do what I want when I want” only works when you’re six. Snowboarding CAN BE forever but not if it is simply distilled down to ‘fuck the man’.

  3. Siskel & Ebert
    Siskel & Ebert says:


    • Coreisabore
      Coreisabore says:

      I was gonna email in to win but I realized I rock Nike boots, Burton makes the best bindings and healthcare ain’t free in USA. One thing for sure Siskel and Ebert still suck a fat COCK well in this case it’s small bc it’s Nick Lipton’s

        SICK COMMENT BRO says:

        Nike stopped making boots 5 years ago – which by “average snowboard boarder” standards mean yours are completely worthless by now. Burton STILL makes the best boots, but anything you don’t have to try on at the store (ie bindings) they’ve cut a million corners on trying to become a fashion brands and it’s turned to total shit. But enjoy your casual set up, dude. PS. Nick Lipton does have a tiny dick, and I should know because I love it when he sticks it up my ass. And USA healthcare is definitely the worst. Agree to agree on that one.

        • Sicker comment bro
          Sicker comment bro says:

          Get Nike’s new on Ebay, have fun dropping $300 a year for your shitty 32 day lasting boots, oh well at least you’re supporting your “CORE” ski shop, grab me a Arc’teryx sticker while you’re in there. I actually see Brooke on the hill every once in a blue moon, I have doubts Lipton even snowboards anymore.

  4. Deacon
    Deacon says:

    Bunch of salty muthafuckers in here. Good on PJ. Good on the guy gettin 300k from Burton. “Fuck the man” is absolutely the right attitude, you just have to decide who “the man” is for yourself. Is he The Establishment, or is he that group of park rats that don’t dig the way you carve? Ride how you want, when you want… that’s all it means, that’s all it needs.

  5. Danny
    Danny says:

    Dis dudes one of the realest and baddest shredders out there. Fukkin underground hero from the dark forests of Sweden!

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